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Is Presidents choice the same as no name?

Is Presidents choice the same as no name?

Loblaws switched its product from the President’s Choice label to No Name, dropped the price by a dollar and gave it prominent display space. Since the launch of No Name in 1978, the generic line has expanded from the original 16 items to more than 2,900 different products.

Who is the president of president choice?

Barry K. Columb
President’s Choice Financial/Presidents

Who makes President’s Choice ice cream?

As always with President’s Choice products, quality is extremely important – so every ice cream flavour is made with 100 per cent Canadian cream.”…About Loblaw Companies Limited.

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Is President’s choice available in the US?

President’s Choice products are now available in more than 1,200 stores across the United States, in chains like D’Augustino’s in New York, Jewel in Chicago and Lucky Stores on the West Coast.

What grocery stores sell President’s Choice?

President’s Choice products are available across the company’s various retail banners, which include Loblaws, Loblaw Great Food, Dominion, No Frills, Real Canadian Superstore, Maxi, Pharmaprix, Provigo, Extra Foods, Your Independent Grocer, Atlantic Superstore, Zehrs Markets, Valu-mart, Fortinos, Shoppers Drug Mart.

Is President’s choice a good brand?

President Choice makes some pretty delicious products. PC makes some really good products. They also introduce their own unique products and do not always try to copy the brand names. They started off by just being the cheaper choice to the big guys but have expanded to be a more distinct brand with their own lineup.

Is Metro president’s choice?

Metro Inc. will relaunch its private label lines in the fall, replacing Master Choice, Equality, Irresistible and others with two new names, as grocers across the country race to steal the thunder from Loblaw Cos. ‘ familiar President’s Choice. It will also drop its discount private label in Quebec.

Does no frills have President’s Choice?

No Name, which is still heavily featured, has expanded from the original 16 items to more than 2,900 and the company’s premium “President’s Choice” line is readily available on store shelves.

Are all President’s Choice products made in Canada?

“President’s Choice has a stellar track record with supporting Canadian farmers and most of the President’s Choice products are actually made in Canada.” said Sylvain Charlebois, professor of food distribution and policy at the University of Guelph.

Does No Frills take Visa 2020?

Does No Frills take Visa? No Frills accepts Visa and Mastercard credit cards.

Who is No Frills owned by?

the Loblaw group of companies
No Frills franchises are part of the Loblaw group of companies. It is the kind of grocery store where customers are required to pack their own items and in exchange, the idea is, they pay lower prices.

Can you pay with Visa at no frills?

Walmart isn’t the first store to stop accepting Visa — No Frills doesn’t accept Visa or American Express, saying that they are too expensive for their business. And Costco only accepts MasterCard when it comes to credit card payments.