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GMX Mail IMAP server address:

What is the SMTP server for GMX?
GMX SMTP server name: GMX SMTP username: your GMX email address. GMX SMTP password: your GMX password. GMX SMTP port: 25 or 465.

What country is GMX?

GMX Mail is a free advertising-supported email service provided by GMX (Global Mail eXchange, in Germany: Global Message eXchange)….GMX Mail.

Owner GMX Internet Services, Inc. Subsidiary of United Internet
Commercial Yes
Registration Required
Users 11 million active users
Launched 1997

How do I add my GMX email to Outlook?

Setting Up Outlook (IMAP)

  1. To synchronize your e-mails with IMAP or POP3 you need to activate this feature in your GMX account.
  2. Click File → Info → Add account.
  3. Enter an email address to add your account.
  4. Click Advanced options and check the box for Let me set up my account manually.
  5. Click Connect.

Is GMX an IMAP? supports IMAP / SMTP That means you don’t have to use webmail interface! You can check your emails using other email programs (like Mailbird, Microsoft Outlook or Mozilla Thunderbird). Using desktop email programs will make you more productive and your email will always be available, even offline.

How do I set up GMX?

Configuration Of GMX Email Settings

  1. Step 1:Access the GMX email account from your web browser.
  2. Step 2:Click the Email tab, select the Settings option followed by the POP3 & IMAP option, and checkmark the box beside the ‘Send and receive emails via external program’ option.

How do I get a free SMTP server?

Free SMTP Servers – The Best Onc To Choose

  1. SendinBlue – 9000 Free Emails Every Month Forever.
  2. Pepipost – 30,000 Free Emails | 150,000 Emails @ Just $17.5.
  3. Pabbly – Unlimited Emails | 100 Subscribers.
  4. Elastic Emails.
  5. SendPulse.
  6. Mailify.
  7. MailJet.
  8. Amazon SES.

Who owns GMX?

United Internet AG
GMX Facts and Figures GMX is a branch of United Internet AG, a listed company with a market cap of $5 billion. GMX is one of the world’s most successful email providers, guaranteeing optimum performance.

Is GMX A safe email?

As a European email provider, GMX adheres to the highest standards of security and data protection: within the network, transmission paths are automatically encrypted and your emails are only stored in secure European data centers.

Does GMX delete accounts?

The email address registered at GMX and the affiliated inbox is saved and later deleted in accordance with established legal periods. If a user wishes to delete his or her inbox, all data and the user account will be deleted, provided it does not interfere with any other legally-established periods of safekeeping.

How do I recover my GMX email?

Recover Forgotten GMX Mail Email Password: Step 2 : Navigate to the GMX Mail Password Recovery Assistant page and enter your GMX email address under the GMX email address tab. Step 3 : Enter the random characters shown underneath Verification. Step 4 : Click Continue to choose the recovery options.

How do I use GMX Mail?

Access GMX Mail in Gmail

  1. Log into your Gmail account.
  2. Select the Settings gear in the upper-right corner.
  3. Choose See all settings from the menu.
  4. On the Gmail Settings page, select the Accounts and Import tab.
  5. On the Accounts and Import tab, select Import mail and contacts.
  6. A new window will pop open.

What is the server port for GMX Mail?

GMX Mail IMAP server address: GMX Mail IMAP username: your full GMX Mail email address ([email protected]) GMX Mail IMAP password: your GMX Mail password. GMX Mail IMAP port: 993 (alternative: 143) GMX Mail IMAP TLS/SSL required: yes for port 993, no for port 143.

What is the username and password for GMX Mail?

Username: Your GMX Mail email address ([email protected]) Password: Your GMX Mail password. Port Number: 25 (No TLS/SSL required) Alternative Port Number: 465 (With SSL) Authentication: Required.

How to access GMX Mail using POP3 protocol?

To access email sent to your GMX Mail account with another email program or service that uses the POP3 protocol, enter the following settings in the email program: GMX Mail POP username: your full GMX Mail email address ([email protected]) Was this page helpful?

Can you use GMX in Windows Live Mail?

With the help of below detailed description of GMX Mail IMAP server settings you can easily configure GMX Webmail in Desktop Clients Like Outlook, Windows Live Mail and Thunderbird or Devices Like iPhone and Android etc. Check the Guide link to configure the GMX account in Windows mail: