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Is Arizona the cactus State?

Is Arizona the cactus State?

Arizona achieved statehood in 1912 as the 48th State. The Capital of Arizona is Phoenix and the state colors are Blue and Gold. The State Motto is: “Ditat Deus” which means: God Enriches. The Arizona State Bird is the Cactus Wren and the State Flower of Arizona is the Saguaro Cactus Flower.

What is the state bird and flower of Arizona?

Entered the Union: February 14, 1912 (48) Capital: Phoenix
State Nickname: Grand Canyon State State Bird: Cactus Wren
State Motto: Ditat Deus (God enriches) State Tree: Palo Verde
State Flower: Saguaro Cactus Blossom State Fish: Arizona Trout

What are the trees called in Arizona?

palo verde
Designated as the Arizona’s State Tree in 1954, the palo verde joined the ranks of the cactus wren, bola tie and saguaro cactus blossom as a state symbol.

Is Palo Verde a tree?

Blue palo verde (Parkinsonia florida) is a bushy tree that grows up to 9 metres (30 feet) high. It is found in desert areas of southern California, Arizona, and northwestern Mexico, including the Baja California peninsula, and is a characteristic woody plant along washes in the Colorado desert.

What is Arizona State famous for?

the Grand Canyon
Arizona is the sixth largest state physically and is perhaps best known for its weather and geography. Southern Arizona features a hot desert climate, while northern Arizona is full of forests, mountain ranges and canyons. There are several national parks, monuments and forests in the state, including the Grand Canyon.

What does AZ stand for as a state?

AZ stands for Arizona. Abbreviation is mostly used in categories:State Postal Locations Geography United States

What is the state animal of Arizona?

Official State Mammal of Arizona. The unique ringtail (Bassariscus astutus) was designated the official state mammal of Arizona in 1986. All State Mammals.

What does Arizona’s motto mean?

“Ditas Deus”. The Arizona state motto is one of the many Latin mottos of U. S. states. Translated into English, it means “God enriches”. The motto was provided by the writer and journalist Richard McCormick who was appointed secretary of the Arizona Territory by President Lincoln.

What are the symbols of Arizona?

The flag of Arizona does not contain a state seal but consists of 13 rays of red and gold (the conquistador colors of the flag of Spain) on the top half, representing the original 13 American colonies, as well as symbolizing Arizona’s picturesque sunsets. There is a copper colored star in the center representing Arizona’s copper-mining industry.