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How to defeat phoenix in Astro Knights?

How to defeat phoenix in Astro Knights?

Role on Astro-Knights Island When you get to her, you must charge up your Laser Lance by holding down the mouse and then releasing it. You must do this three times in order to kill her by shooting her three heads. At any point of time, she can launch bird-like missiles which you must dodge.

Where is Reality TV Island on Poptropica?

Go to TV World to the far right and enter. Click and change the channels of a TV until you get to the channel showing the Reality TV Island commercial (its the one with the random poptropicans).

How to get back to space in Astro Knights Island?

Thou must assemble a space vessel and fly among the stars on an intergalactic quest to rescue her and save the kingdom of Arturus in the online virtual world, Astro-Knights Island. For walkthroughs on Astro-Knights Island, scroll down. Tip: Trying to get back to space? Look for your spaceship on top of the castle.

What happens on Astro Knights Island in Poptropica?

Welcome to Astro-Knights Island. This is home to the peaceful town of Arturus – except that the peaceful town is no longer peaceful. After some tragic events with a dark sorcerer, Mordred, the town has fallen to ruins and the princess has been abducted to the far reaches of outer space.

Which is the most difficult Island in Astro Knights?

It is considered one of the more difficult islands due to it’s length and some parts are quite puzzling. Over the course of the game, we learn about Mordred, a brilliant Da Vincian scientist in the Kingdom of Arturus.

How did Mordred get out of Astro Knights Island?

When the guards caught him, he escaped again into space with an unfinished rocket. Everyone thought he died in space, but the daughter of the king and queen thought otherwise. She joined a group loyal to Mordred and soon after that, the aliens abducted her.