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How old is Janet Montgomery?

How old is Janet Montgomery?

35 years (October 29, 1985)
Janet Montgomery/Age

What nationality is Janet Montgomery?

Janet Montgomery/Nationality

Who is Janet Montgomery married to?

Joe Fox

Janet Montgomery
Born Janet Ruth Montgomery 29 October 1985 Bournemouth, Dorset, United Kingdom
Occupation Actress
Years active 1997–present
Spouse(s) Joe Fox ​ ( m. 2019)​

How tall is Janet Montgomery?

5′ 6″
Janet Montgomery/Height

Who is the British actress in New Amsterdam?

Freema Agyeman
Helen Sharpe in the NBC medical procedural series New Amsterdam (2018–present)….

Freema Agyeman
Occupation Actress
Years active 2001–present
Television Doctor Who Law & Order: UK Little Dorrit New Amsterdam Sense8 The Carrie Diaries

Will Dr Bloom return to New Amsterdam?

After leaving rehab, Bloom returns to New Amsterdam Medical Center to meet with Max. She wishes to tell him that she will not be returning back to the hospital, however he has already been sent home on medical leave.

Did Janet Montgomery leave Amsterdam?

Exciting news: NBC has renewed breakout drama series New Amsterdam, which stars our wonderful JANET MONTGOMERY, for a second season. Janet will return to star in the second season, reprising her role as ER doctor Dr. Lauren Bloom. Season 2 will premiere on NBC at the end of 2019.

Where is New Amsterdam filmed?

New York City
New Amsterdam (2018 TV series)

New Amsterdam
Production location New York City
Cinematography Stuart Dryburgh Andrew Voegeli
Camera setup Single-camera
Running time 43 minutes

Is Freema Agyeman mixed race?

Agyeman was born in London. Her mother, Azar, is Iranian, and her father, Osei, is Ghanaian.

Who is the father of Ella’s baby on New Amsterdam?

Rohan is the antagonist character on New Amsterdam. He is the estranged boyfriend/baby daddy of Ella and estranged son of Vijay Kapoor.

Who does Max Goodwin end up with?

Max Goodwin and Dr. Helen Sharpe will finally get their happily ever after, but viewers can’t be so sure that Max and Helen’s love story will finally come true. After all, Helen did just take in a rebellious new house guest.

Do Leyla and Bloom get together?

“[Shanthi] pitched the whole story out with Leyla from day one,” he recalled. “‘Bloom finds a doctor who she clashes with, finds out she’s homeless and stashes her in the closet at New Amsterdam. Eventually, she gets found out and has to move in with Bloom, and they develop a romance together. ‘

Who is Princess Mithian in the TV series Merlin?

Janet Montgomery played the character Princess Mithian in the Series 4 and 5 episodes The Hunter’s Heart and Another’s Sorrow in the BBC series Merlin. Montgomery is a real-life friend of Bradley James who plays Arthur Pendragon, on the series.

How is Mithian related to Arthur and Merlin?

Mithian is also shown to be reasonable and fair, accepting that Merlin had his reasons for opposing her marriage to Arthur even though she did not understand them. She also later parted peacefully with Arthur despite the offence of their marriage being called off and advised him not to rush important matters of state.

Who are the actors in the TV series Merlin?

Janet Montgomery (Princess Mithian) and Angel Coulby have both appeared in the TV mini-series ‘Dancing on the Edge’. They played Sarah and Jessie respectively. Also starring in the show were Anthony Head (Uther Pendragon) and Sam Troughton, who is the cousin of actor Harry Melling who played Gilli in Merlin.

What did Mithian do to Morgana in Merlin?

Morgana (despite being repeatedly thwarted), including exchanging a comb for a key in a sleeping Morgana’s hand, and carving the name Morgana onto a rock where Merlin, who was getting water, would have a clear view of it however she was guilt ridden after Morgana nearly killed Merlin, once more showing she had not lost any of her compassion.