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How old are Amati violins?

How old are Amati violins?

Amati instruments include some of the oldest extant examples of the violin family, dating to as far back as the mid-16th century.

How many Andrea Amati violins are there?

It is claimed that he made 24 violins, 6 violas, and 8 cellos for Charles IX of France to be used at the court of Versailles, a few of which survive.

What are the two most famous families of violin makers?

Violin Makers of the Amati Family. Note: The most famous makers of violins, such as Stradivari, Guarneri, Maggini, Amati, da Salo, and Stainer, had many followers and imitators.

What is the hardest violin piece in the world?

These are the hardest pieces ever written for the VIOLIN

  • Sonata No.
  • Partita in D minor BWV 1004 – J.S.
  • ‘The Last Rose Of Summer’ – Heinrich Wilhelm Ernst.
  • Caprice in D major ‘Il labirinto armonico’ – Locatelli.
  • Solo Violin Sonata – Bartók.
  • Violin Concerto – Ligeti.
  • 6 Caprices – Sciarrino.
  • God Save the King – Paganini.

Why did Andrea Amati invent the violin-musical instruments?

It is estimated that Amati made some 38 instruments between 1560 and 1574 for the Queen Regent of France Catherine de Medici on behalf of her young son, Charles IX of France; one of these was a gilded bass violin, elaborately painted with royal symbols, called The King. What was the violin originally used for?

Who was the first person to make the violin?

Andrea Amati. Amati is credited with making the first instruments of the violin family that are in the form we use today. According to the National Music Museum in Vermillion, South Dakota : It was in the workshop of Andrea Amati (ca. 1505-1577) in Cremona, Italy, in the middle of the 16th century that the form of the instruments…

Who are the famous sons of Andrea Amati?

Role in the development of the modern violin. Andrea Amati’s two sons, Antonio Amati and Girolamo Amati were also highly skilled violin makers, as was his grandson Nicolò Amati, who had over a dozen highly regarded apprentices, including Antonio Stradivari and Andrea Guarneri.

How old was Andrea Amati when he died?

Andrea Amati was born around 1505, and contrary to the statements of earlier music scholars, he probably was not a member of the family of patricians that shared the name.