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How much should I expect from my car accident settlement?

How much should I expect from my car accident settlement?

Your average car accident settlement might be approximately $21,000. It is likely to fall somewhere between $14,000 and $28,000. The settlement is generally higher for more severe or permanent injuries. You’ll also get paid more if the other driver was found to be driving under the influence.

How much is a typical injury settlement?

The average compensation payment for moderate injuries was $151,771. The average compensation payment for serious injuries was $352,396. The average compensation payment for severe injuries was $747,188. The average compensation payment for extreme injuries was $1,952,602.

How long after a settlement do you get paid?

Depending on your case, it can take from 1 – 6 weeks to receive your money after your case has been settled. This is due to many factors but below outlines the basic process. If you have been awarded a large sum, it may come in the form of periodic payments. These periodic payments are called a structured settlement.

How much to expect from a car accident settlement?

The average nerve damage settlement from car accidents depends largely on whether the damage is temporary or permanent and how it impacts your future mobility.

What’s the average settlement for a neck injury?

Generally speaking, however, the majority of neck and back injuries sustained in car accidents do not fall in this latter category and do not typically have a six or seven-figure total settlement value.

Can a child with autism get a higher settlement?

You might reconsider using your absence from your children, especially your autistic child, as additional grounds for a higher settlement. But mentioning your autistic child to the insurance company in an effort to obtain a higher settlement may be considered untoward, especially as the child’s autism has no role in the accident or settlement.

What’s a fair settlement offer after this rear end accident?

I ended up with 10 weeks of chiropractor visits (2-3 times a week) and an MRI to rule out serious injury. Those were difficult weeks due to the pain I was in and not being able to pull my weight at work and at home.