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How much is an M1 carbine 30 rifle worth?

How much is an M1 carbine 30 rifle worth?

A M1 CARBINE 30 rifle is currently worth an average price of $1,192.68 new and $1,311.07 used . The 12 month average price is $1,192.68 new and $1,303.67 used. The new value of a M1 CARBINE 30 rifle has risen $96.66 dollars over the past 12 months to a price of $1,192.68 .

How much does a 30 cal carbine cost?

30 Carbine Universal M1 30 Cal Semi Auto PRICE: $655.00 MANUFACTURER: Other Manufacturer

How many M2 carbines are in the US Army?

M2 Carbine – Base Series Name M1 Carbine (US Carbine, Caliber 30, M1) – Formal in-service deisgnation; production reaching 600,000 units. M2A2 – Arsenal-refurbished models.

Why was the caliber of the carbine changed to.30?

In September of 1944, the nomenclature of the .30 carbine round was changed to Cartridge, Ball, Carbine, Caliber .30 M1. The change, adding the word “ball,” was to avoid confusion with the newly adopted tracer and grenade launching cartridges developed for the carbine.

What is the SER # on a M-1 30 cal carbine?

The ser # is 4943XXX, the barrel is stamped INLAND MFG. DIV, GENERAL MOTORS, 1-44, as well as BLUE SKY/ARLINGTON VA, from what I believe the rear sight is a type 2, there is a strap and oiler.

When was the M1 carbine made in the US?

A great example of an original US Military M1 Carbine chambered in .30 Carbine. This rifle and the original barrel were manufactured by Inland in May of 1943. The stock and other wood pieces show norm …Click for more info

What was the serial number of the M1A1 carbine?

The decision for which receivers would be used for the U.S. Carbine Models M1 or M1A1, and some of the M2’s, were made well after the receiver was completed as all of these models used the same receiver. Serial numbered receivers that failed to pass inspection were set aside as rejects if the defect (s) could not be brought up to minimum standards.

When was the Springfield 30 cal M1 made?

WW2 vet (close friend) has a Springfield M1 with serial number 272289. Best i can tell it was manufactured in July 1941. Wood is scuffed by … read more I have a 30-06 bolt actionRifle used during the end of the first world war and the beginning of the second world war. It is original and the strap is in … read more Various law enforcement ac…

Where is the serial number on A.30 caliber carbine?

The new serial number was hand stamped on top of the receiver behind the rear sight, in the vicinity of the prior serial number. the serial number behind the rear sight was obscured by an adjustable rear sight. to also stamp the number on top of the receiver between the rear sight and bolt.