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How much do soybeans cost to produce?

How much do soybeans cost to produce?

Average costs per acre for soybean ranged from $168 to $204 and average cost per bushel ranged from $3.30 to $4.19. Average returns per acre ranged from $62 to $194. Better efficiency (low cost per bushel) occurs with higher yields. Table 1.

What is the price of soybean per ton?

Average prices for soybeans worldwide from 2014 to 2025 (in nominal U.S. dollars per mt)

Characteristic Price in nominal U.S. dollars per metric ton
2020 407
2019 369
2018 394
2017 393

How much money does a farmer make per acre of soybeans?

Soybeans in 2019 For 2019, crop revenue for soybeans was $547 per acre based on a 64 bushel per acre yield and an $8.55 per bushel price. Soybean crop revenue in 2019 includes $10 per acre for ARC/PLC and $82 per acre for MFP payments, the same as for corn.

How much does an acre of soybeans produce?

The 2019 soybean yield was 47.4 bushels per acre and the five-year average yield for soybeans sits at 49.5 bushels per acre.

Do farmers make enough money?

The lower 10 percent of these farm professionals make less than $35,020, and the top 10 percent receive earnings of more than $126,070. The average farmer salary varies depending on how well the crops do and changes in operational costs for farmers.

What is the soybean price today?


Name Price Date
Soybean Meal 336.30 9/24/21 02:20 PM
Soybeans 12.84 9/24/21 02:20 PM
Soybean Oil 0.58 9/24/21 02:20 PM
Wheat 253.00 9/24/21 12:30 PM

What is the price per bushel of soybeans?

The projected price established by RMA for 2019 soybean revenue is $9.54 per bushel. This is down $0.62 per bushel from the 2018 projected price of $10.16 per bushel representing the drop in soybean prices from 2018 to 2019. Price volatility is considered when setting premium levels for insurance products.

How much does a bushel of soybean cost?

The total cost per bushel of soybeans is projected at $9.13 for non-herbicide-tolerant beans at 56 bushels per acre. “The average price for corn is near $3.90 per bushel in recent projections for the 2019 crop marketing year, showing the potential for a slight profit for most yield levels,” says Plastina.

How much soybean meal in one bushel of soybeans?

Soybean meal is used in food and animal feeds, principally as a protein supplement, but also as a source of metabolizable energy. Typically 1 bushel (i.e. 60 lbs. or 27.2 kg) of soybeans yields 48 lbs. (21.8 kg) of soybean meal.

What is the ticker symbol for soybean?

The most direct way for you to trade soybeans is through the Chicago Mercantile Exchange (CME) soybean futures contract: Contract Ticker Symbol: S. Electronic ticker (CME Globex): ZS. Contract size: 5,000 bushels. Underlying commodity: Premium no. 1, no. 2, and no. 3 yellow soybean bushels.