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How many upazila Lalmonirhat?

How many upazila Lalmonirhat?

Union Parishad List

Area: 1241km2
Density: 1009Km2
Literacy: 65%
No. of Upazila: 5
No. of Union: 42

Which Division of Lalmonirhat?

Rangpur Division
Lalmonirhat Sadar Upazila

Lalmonirhat Sadar লালমনিরহাট সদর
Country Bangladesh
Division Rangpur Division
District Lalmonirhat District

Why Lalmonirhat is famous for?

About LALMONIRHAT. Lalmonirhat district is renowned for some of the important places like Air Base of Second World War, house of famous poet Sheikh Fazlal Karim, Tin Bigha Corridor and Burimari Land Port. The air base is located at Sadar Upazila. It was built during the Second World War (1940-1945 A.D.).

How many upazila are there in Kurigram?

nine upazilas
It consisted of eight thanas called Kurigram, Lalmonirhat, Ulipur, Chilmari, Roumari, Nageshwar, Bhurungamari, an Pulbari. It as established as a district on 1 February 1984 and today consists of nine upazilas.

How many districts are in upazila Gaibandha?

7(seven) Upazila (Sundarganj, Gaibandha Sadar, Sadullapur, Palashbari, Gobindaganj, Saghata and Fulchari.

How many upazila are there in Rangpur district?

eight Upazilas
The district has 3 municipalities, namely, Rangpur Sadar, Badarganj, and Haragach, and eight Upazilas, namely: Badarganj. Mithapukur.

How many people live in Kurigram?

Kurigram District

Kurigram কুড়িগ্রাম
Population (2011 census)
• Total 2,069,273
• Density 920/km2 (2,400/sq mi)
Literacy rate

What is Gaibandha famous for?

There are two opinions about the name of Gaibandha. The most famous opinion is: around five thousand years ago, capital of Matsya Kingdom of King Birat was in Gobindaganj area. “Matsa” means fish and “desh” means country. Fishes were abundant in his kingdom so the term “Matsa Desh” was created.

What was the old name of Rangpur?

Ranggamahal means the ancient kings of Bengal area spent their time by enjoying dance or some kind of other recreation. From then, the place was known Ranggapur. And in the flow of time it has changed to Rangpur.

Why is Rangpur famous?

Rangpur, city, northwestern Bangladesh. Rangpur is an industrial centre noted for the manufacture of dhurries (cotton carpets), bidis (cigarettes), and cigars. Rangpur was constituted a municipality in 1869.

How many upazila are there in Gaibandha?

Is Gaibandha a city?

Gaibandha (Bengali: গাইবান্ধা) is a town and District headquarter of Gaibandha District in northern Bangladesh. It is a centre of commerce and trade of the Gaibandha District and is located under the Rangpur Division. The area of the city is approximately 10.54 square kilometres. It consists of nine wards.

Which is the upazila of Lalmonirhat sadar thana?

After that Lalmonirhat sadar thana was established as a upazila on 18 March 1984. As a result, the number of upazilas in Lalmonirhat district becomes 5 which are Patgram, Hatibandha, Kaliganj, Aditmari and Lalmonirhat Sadar.

How big is the district of Lalmonirhat in Bangladesh?

Lalmonirhat is in the north of Bangladesh. There are six rivers in Lalmonirhat district. Tista is one of the main rivers in this district. The total length of Tista river is 315 km, 115 km of which is in Bangladesh. The total arable land is 98,875 hectares.

Which is the postal code of Lalmonirhat District?

Postal code: 5500. HDI (2018) 0.591 medium · 15th of 21: Lalmonirhat (Bengali: লালমনিরহাট জেলা, Lalmonirhat Jela also Lalmonirhat Zila) is a district, situated at the northern border of Bangladesh. It is a part of the Rangpur Division.

How many Indian enclaves are in Lalmonirhat District?

After 1985, Dahagram and Angarpota enclaves became a single union of Patgram upazila and then the total number of union becomes 42. Before exchange the Indian enclaves inside Bangladesh there were the most of them (59) in Lalmonirhat.Those number of enclaves also solved By honorable prime minister of both countries in 2015 .