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How many Pocahontas movies are there?

How many Pocahontas movies are there?

Pocahontas II: Journey to a New World1998

How many Pocahontas movies did Disney make?

Pocahontas (franchise)

Disney’s Pocahontas
Owner The Walt Disney Company
Films and television
Film(s) Pocahontas (1995)
Direct-to-video Pocahontas II: Journey to a New World (1998)

Is there a 3rd Pocahontas movie?

This is a 3rd pocahontas film it’s about pocahontas who didn’t die but instead she survived and was reunited with John Smith. This is when Pocahontas returns to Virginia and becomes a wife. It is produced by DisneyToon studios.

Is there a part 2 to Pocahontas?

Pocahontas II: Journey to a New World is a 1998 American direct-to-video sequel to the 1995 Disney film Pocahontas.

What is wrong with Disney Pocahontas?

The main problem with Pocahontas—as expressed by several Native American groups, including the Powhatan Nation, which traces its origins back to Pocahontas herself—is that over time, she’s come to embody the trope of the “Good Indian,” or one who offers her own life to help save a white settler.

Does Pocahontas marry John Smith?

Not to destroy Disney’s history lessons, but Pocahontas was just the nickname of the daughter of Chief Powhatan. It means “naughty one” or “spoiled child.” Her real name was Matoaka, and she later became Rebecca Rolfe. Pocahontas married John Rolfe, not John Smith.

Who does Pocahontas marry in the Disney movie?

It’s a bold ending, and one that deliberately subverts real history, which saw the real Pocahontas marry a different Englishman, John Rolfe, and travel to London with him, where she was feted as an example of the “civilized savage” before dying at the age of 21 shortly before her husband was due to sail back to …

Who was the 1st Disney character?

Oswald the Lucky Rabbit (also known as Oswald the Rabbit or Oswald Rabbit) is a cartoon character created in 1927 by Walt Disney for Universal Pictures….

Oswald the Lucky Rabbit
Designed by Walt Disney Ub Iwerks Charles Mintz

Is the movie Pocahontas based on a true story?

Pocahontas is a 1995 American animated musical romance-drama film released by Walt Disney Animation Studios and the thirty-third full-length animated feature film in the Disney Animated Canon. The film is the first animated feature Disney film to be based on a real historic character, the known history, and the folklore and legend

Who are the actors in the movie Pocahontas?

Complete credited cast: Joe Baker Lon (voice) Christian Bale Thomas (voice) Irene Bedard Pocahontas (voice) Billy Connolly Ben (voice) James Apaumut Fall Kocoum (voice)

What was the box office success of Pocahontas?

Despite the mixed reviews, Pocahontas was a commercial success earning $346 million at the box office. The film received two Academy Awards for Best Musical or Comedy Score for Menken and Best Original Song for ” Colors of the Wind “. According to critics, Pocahontas has influenced subsequent films.

What was the reaction to the movie Pocahontas?

Pocahontas received mixed reactions from reviewers, who praised its animation, musical score, themes, voice performances, and songs but criticized its story with its lack of focus on its tone. The film’s historical inaccuracies and racial overtones received polarized responses.