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How many NH are there in Kerala?

How many NH are there in Kerala?

Kerala, a state in Southern India, has a network of 11 National Highways, 72 State Highways and many district roads….Six-laning of National Highways in Kerala.

New NH No. NH 185
Agency Kerala PWD
OSM Relation 5830973
Route Adimali -Cheruthoni- Painavu -Kumily NH 183
Length (km.) 98

Who among these Travancore ruler started the construction of the MC road?

The highway was built by Raja Kesavadas, Dewan of Travancore. This road starts from National Highway 47 at Kesavadasapuram in Thiruvananthapuram city and rejoins the NH 47 at Angamaly[1] a suburb of Kochi city in Ernakulam district.

Which is the biggest state highway in Kerala?

The Hill Highway or Malayora Highway or State Highway 59 (SH-59) is the longest state highway in Kerala.

What is the new name of NH 47?

National Highway 544
National Highway 544, commonly referred to as NH 544, (old number NH 47) is a 340-kilometre-long (210 mi) National Highway in South India connecting Salem city in Tamil Nadu to the city of Kochi in Kerala. It is also called the Salem-Kochi Highway.

Which is shortest NH in India?

NH 47A
[1] The shortest National Highway was the NH 47A (5.9 km (3.7 mi)), which connected Kundanoor Junction of Maradu in Kochi city to the Kochi port at Willingdon Island. India has the distinction of having the world’s highest drivable highway connecting Manali to Leh in Ladakh, Kashmir.

Which is the longest NH in India?

National Highway 44
– National Highway 44 – It is the longest national highway in India with a length of 3,745 kilometres running from Srinagar in the north to Kanyakumari in the South. This highway connects 11 states and about 30 important cities with each other.

What is meant by MC Road?

The Main Central Road, better known as MC Road is the arterial State Highway in the Travancore region of Kerala state, India. It is designated as SH 1 by the Kerala Public Works Department. The highway was built by Raja Kesavadas, Dewan of Travancore.

Who ruled Kerala before British?

The Cholas often controlled Kerala during the 11th and 12th centuries. By the beginning of the 14th century, Ravi Varma Kulashekhara of the Venad kingdom established a short-lived supremacy over southern India.

Which is the best road in Kerala?

Enchant the driver in you: Top 5 driving routes in Kerala

  • Nilambur-Nadukani.
  • District: Malappuram.
  • Distance: 36 kilometres.
  • USP: Mountain pass.
  • Sights: The world’s first teak museum, Conolly’s Plot teak plantation, the Banglavu Kunnu and the Chaliyar River.
  • Chalakkudy-Vazhachal.
  • District: Thrissur.
  • Distance: 38 kilometres.

Which is longest NH in India?

What is the name of NH 44?

Previously known as National Highway 7, National Highway 44 (NH 44) is the longest-running National Highway in India. It is 3,745 km long and covers the North-South Corridor of NHDP. It starts from Srinagar in the north and ends in Kanyakumari in the south.

How many NH are in India?

There are about 87 national highways in India which measure around 115,435 km.

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Is the MC Road in Kerala being renovated?

The MC road is being renovated under the World Bank aided ‘Kerala State Transport Project (2006)’. The upgrading is being carried out in two phases. In phase 1, two stretches, Thaikkod (near Venjarammoodu) – Chengannur and Muvattupuzha – Angamaly were upgraded and works were completed in 2010.

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