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How many miles did the Lewis and Clark expedition take?

How many miles did the Lewis and Clark expedition take?

8,000 miles
The Lewis & Clark Expedition Their voyage covered more than 8,000 miles in less than two-and-a-half years. It had resounding effects throughout American science and history, and disrupted the lives of countless Native Americans throughout North America.

How many total miles did the expedition travel and how long did it take?

The expedition traveled over 8000 total miles over a period of 2 years, 4 months and 10 days. When the expedition reached the Pacific, Clark estimates they have traveled 4,162 miles from the mouth of the Missouri to the Pacific.

How far had they traveled Total miles?

But imagine what it would have been like two hundred years ago, when Meriwether Lewis, William Clark, and the other members of the Corps of Discovery traveled 3,700 miles from the Mississippi River to the Pacific Ocean in non-motorized boats, on horseback, and on foot.

Did Lewis and Clark have slaves?

York (1770–75 – after 1815) was the only African American on the Lewis and Clark Expedition; he participated fully and made significant contributions to its success….York (explorer)

Occupation Body servant (enslaved) Explorer
Employer Enslaved by William Clark
Known for Participating in the Lewis and Clark Expedition
Spouse(s) 1

Who died on the Lewis and Clark expedition?

Sergeant Charles Floyd
Sergeant Charles Floyd dies three months into the voyage of Meriwether Lewis and William Clark, becoming the only member of the Corps of Discovery to die during the journey. Lewis and Clark left St.

How did Lewis and Clark decide to spend the winter?

The expedition overwhelmingly decided to take the advice of the local Indians to explore the idea of spending the winter on the southern shore of the River. Lewis decided to explore the area before moving the entire group. He and five men left to scout the area, leaving Clark and the rest of the group behind.

What modern day state were they in when they reached the Pacific Ocean?

The Corps spent 10 days at Station Camp — their longest encampment in what is now Washington state — exploring, hunting, and visiting with the Chinook and Clatsop Indians who came to inspect and trade with the newcomers.

Who was the black man in the Lewis and Clark Expedition?

William Clark, York
Whether the enslaved, 30-something black man wanted to participate in Lewis and Clark’s expedition to the Pacific Ocean is impossible to know — almost certainly, no one ever asked him. Compelled to join by the man who owned him, William Clark, York proved crucial to the explorers’ success.

How many animals did Lewis and Clark discover?

122 animal species
But during their 8,000-mile journey from Missouri to the Pacific Ocean and back between 1804-1806, Lewis and Clark discovered 122 animal species, including iconic American animals like the grizzly bear, coyote, prairie dog and bighorn sheep.

How much did the Lewis and Clark expedition cost?

On January 18, 1803, Thomas Jefferson requests funding from Congress to finance the Lewis and Clark expedition. Jefferson officially asked for $2,500 in funding from Congress, though some sources indicate the expedition ultimately cost closer to $50,000.

What was Clark’s slaves name?

York, the life-long slave of William Clark, is one of the most interesting members of the Lewis and Clark Expedition. His role throughout the Expedition was remarkable and he seems to have been treated much like the rest of the men during the journey.

Did Lewis and Clark discover the Northwest Passage?

Lewis and Clark may not have discovered a direct Northwest Passage, but they did forge a path to the Pacific that would inspire thousands of others to settle in the northwestern United States in the century to follow.

What are facts about Lewis and Clark Expedition?

Interesting Lewis and Clark Expedition Facts: The Lewis and Clark Expedition is also referred to as the Corps of Discovery by historians. Captain Lewis was asked by the U.S. president Thomas Jefferson to explore the Louisiana Territory and America’s Wild West, after it had been purchased.

Where did Louis and Clark Expedition start?

The Lewis and Clark Expedition from May 1804 to September 1806, also known as the Corps of Discovery Expedition, was the first American expedition to cross the western portion of the United States. It began in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, made its way westward, and passed through the Continental Divide of the Americas to reach the Pacific coast.

How long was Lewis and Clark journey?

The Lewis and Clark National Historic Trail is a route across the United States commemorating the Lewis and Clark Expedition of 1804 to 1806. It is part of the National Trails System of the United States. It extends for some 3,700 miles (6,000 km) from Wood River, Illinois,…

Where is the Lewis and Clark Trail in Idaho?

The Lewis and Clark Expedition used the historic Lolo Trail to cross the Bitterroot Mountains (very roughly along US Highway 12 ), proceeding west to the Clearwater River at modern-day Orofino . From there, they traveled through Idaho via the Clearwater until it flowed into the Snake River at the modern-day border town of Lewiston.