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How many brothers does Mary Lou have from Walk Two Moons?

How many brothers does Mary Lou have from Walk Two Moons?

Tommy and Dougie Finney are Mary Lou Finney’s energetic younger brothers. They seem to create…

What is Mary Lou’s last name in Walk Two Moons?

Mary Lou Finney
Mary Lou Finney is the quirky girl in Sal’s class who says things like “Omnipotent!” or “Beef Brain!” (3.12). She’s also quite nice, and often invites Sal and Phoebe over to her house.

Who is Mary Lou’s cousin in Walk Two Moons?

Ben Finney
Ben Finney is super dreamy, which is interesting given the fact that we have no idea what he looks like. We do know that he likes to draw pictures. And we know that he’s Mary Lou Finney’s cousin, and he’s living at her house for the time being.

How is Mary Lou Finney’s family different from Phoebe’s Walk Two Moons?

How are the Finneys (Mary Lou’s family) and the Winterbottoms (Phoebe’s family) different? The Finneys are loud, playful and unpredictable. The Winterbottoms are prim, proper and respectable. Dinner at the Finney’s is loud pandemonium.

Why does Mr Birkway apologize to Phoebe?

Birkway himself appears at the Winterbottom house with Phoebe’s journal in hand. He apologizes to her for reading her journal aloud and proceeds to explain that Mrs. Cadaver is his sister and that her husband died in a car accident that also blinded Mrs. Partridge.

Why did Sal’s mom leave?

As it turns out, this is all related to the reason Sal’s mom has peaced out. She decided to leave so that she could clear her mind and heart. “She needed to learn about what she was” (18.13). Sal’s mom didn’t even say goodbye to Sal, because saying goodbye to her was so hard.

Who is Norma Walk Two Moons?

Norma Winterbottom Despite feeling unimportant in her family’s life, Phoebe’s mother is actually central to the plot of the novel, as it is her disappearance that brings Phoebe and Sal closer together.

Does Sal like Ben in Walk Two Moons?

Ben has a crush on Sal and tries to kiss her, which is confusing to her. Ben is generally much more in-touch with his emotions, and in dealing with other people, whereas Sal is the opposite.

Why did Sal’s mother leave?

What does Sal think of Phoebe’s parents?

What does Sal think of the way Phoebe’s family acts? Sal believes that Phoebe’s family acts very prim and proper.

Why does Mr Birkway show up at Phoebe’s house?

What did Mr Birkway reveal about his sister?

Partridge lost her sight as a result of the accident. Mr. Birkway tells them that his sister was the nurse on duty in the emergency room the night that her husband and her mother were hit by a drunk driver. Cadaver and how horrible she must have felt the night that her husband died and her mother lost her sight.

Who are the brothers in Walk Two Moons?

Ben draws them a picture of two moccasins with moons in them. Sal realizes, though she doesn’t tell Ben, that his drawing is exactly what she thinks of when she hears the phrase. Then Sal, Phoebe, Mary Lou, and Ben walk to the drugstore with Tommy and Dougie, two of Mary Lou’s brothers.

Who is Sal’s mother in Walk Two Moons?

Sal’s mother has recently left Sal’s father, and Sal’s grandparents are taking her on a cross-country road trip to Lewiston, Idaho to see her mother. Sal loves nature and was very close to her mother before she left.

Who is the author of Walk Two Moons?

Walk Two Moons, written by Sharon Creech, is a story focusing on Salamanca Tree Hiddle, a thirteen-year-old from Bybanks, Kentucky. Along with her grandparents she is traveling across the United States to Idaho. Throughout her travels, she narrates the story of Phoebe Winterbottom, the lunatic, and her disappearing mother.

What did Margaret do in Walk Two Moons?

Margaret helped Sal’s father find a job selling farm machinery in order that he could live in Euclid, away from his farm.