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How long was Gordon Brown Prime Minister of the UK?

How long was Gordon Brown Prime Minister of the UK?

Gordon Brown

The Right Honourable Gordon Brown HonFRSE
Official portrait, c. 2008
Prime Minister of the United Kingdom
In office 27 June 2007 – 11 May 2010
Monarch Elizabeth II

Who was the next Prime Minister after Gordon Brown?

List of prime ministers

Name Time in office Political party
Theresa May 2016 – 2019 Conservative
David Cameron 2010 – 2016 Conservative
Gordon Brown 2007 – 2010 Labour
Tony Blair 1997 – 2007 Labour

Who was the best Prime Minister?

In December 1999 a BBC Radio 4 poll of 20 prominent historians, politicians and commentators for The Westminster Hour produced the verdict that Churchill was the best British prime minister of the 20th century, with Lloyd George in second place and Clement Attlee in third place.

How many terms can Prime Minister serve in India?

Prime Minister of India
Term length At the pleasure of the President Lok Sabha term is 5 years unless dissolved sooner No term limits specified
Constituting instrument Constitution of India
Precursor Vice President of the Executive Council
Inaugural holder Jawaharlal Nehru

Where does Gordon Brown live?

North Queensferry
Gordon Brown/Places lived

Who does Gordon Brown support?

On 30 December 2005, Raith Rovers’ future was secured after a £1.2 million community buy-out (The New Raith Rovers Limited consortium) (assisted by the then Chancellor of the Exchequer Gordon Brown who later became Prime Minister, a fan and shareholder of the club).

Who is the longest serving Prime Minister?

Sir Robert Walpole
Ordered by tenure

Rank Prime Minister Length served
1 Sir Robert Walpole 20 years, 314 days
2 William Pitt the Younger 18 years, 343 days
3 The Earl of Liverpool 14 years, 305 days
4 The Marquess of Salisbury 13 years, 252 days

Who was the longest serving Prime Minister in the 20th century?

Margaret Thatcher
Time in office: 11 Years, 208 Days As well as being Prime Minister for longer than anyone else in the 20th Century, Margaret Thatcher was also the most controversial figure to hold the post.

Who is the No 1 PM in India?

Prime ministers of India

# Prime Minister Lifespan
1 Jawaharlal Nehru 27,222 days (74 years, 195 days)
2 Lal Bahadur Shastri 22,381 days (61 years, 101 days)
3 Indira Gandhi 24,453 days (66 years, 347 days)
4 Morarji Desai 36,199 days (99 years, 41 days)

Who is the longest serving prime minister?

Who is the 3 times prime minister of India?

Prime ministers of India

# Prime Minister Total time in office
3 Indira Gandhi 15 years, 350 days
4 Morarji Desai 2 years, 126 days
5 Charan Singh 170 days
6 Rajiv Gandhi 5 years, 32 days

How old is Gordon Brown?

70 years (February 20, 1951)
Gordon Brown/Age

Who are the past Prime Ministers of the UK?

75 Past Prime Ministers. The Rt Hon David Cameron. Gordon Brown. Tony Blair. Sir John Major. Baroness Margaret Thatcher. James Callaghan. Harold Wilson.

Who was the Prime Minister of England in 2007?

James Gordon Brown HonFRSE (born 20 February 1951) is a British politician who was Prime Minister of the United Kingdom and Leader of the Labour Party from 2007 to 2010. He served as Chancellor of the Exchequer from 1997 to 2007.

Who is going to be the New Labour leader?

Deputy Labour leader Harriet Harman is to become Labour leader until a replacement is elected. Mr Brown said he would stand by the new leader “loyally and without equivocation”. Labour’s ruling National Executive Committee has indicated it wants Mr Brown’s successor as leader to be chosen as soon as possible, possibly by the end of July.

What was the foreign policy of the Brown government?

In its foreign policy choices, the Brown government displayed the same unshakeable Atlanticism, pronounced Euroscepticism, and commitment to increasing international aid to 0.7% of gross national income as its coalition successor. It also had to deal with the toxic legacy of the Blair government’s ill-advised interventions in Iraq and Afghanistan.