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How is Jaggers presented in great expectations?

How is Jaggers presented in great expectations?

Jaggers from Great Expectations is an integral character to the story; when Pip was a boy, he was tasked with taking charge of Pip’s finances and his training to become gentleman. Jaggers is mainly portrayed as tough, aggressive, conceited and uncaring. He offers Joe money when he comes to offer Pip a new life.

Is Jaggers good or bad?

Mr. Jaggers is Pip’s guardian, Miss Havisham’s lawyer, and he really knows his stuff. Is Jaggers a good guy or a bad guy? In fact, he’s kind of neither.

Is Jaggers black?

He was a burly man of an exceedingly dark complexion, with an exceedingly large head, and a corresponding large hand… He was prematurely bald on the top of his head, and had bushy black eyebrows that wouldn’t lie down but stood up bristling.

What does Mr. Jaggers promise to do Chapter 30?

By Charles Dickens The next morning, Pip tells Jaggers that Orlick is one rotten cookie, and Jaggers promises to have Orlick fired at once. Herbert tells Pip that he’s in love with a girl named Clara and that he will marry her.

Does Pip love Estella?

Estella’s relationship with Pip Estella states throughout the text that she does not love Pip. However, she shows numerous times in the novel that she holds Pip in a much higher regard compared to other men, and doesn’t want to break his heart as she does with the others that she seduces.

Why did Molly give up Estella?

Expert Answers Jaggers decided to give Estella to Mrs. Havisham because he believed she would have the best chance at living a normal life with the old woman. Mr.

Why does Pip not like Drummle?

Pip does not want Drummle to see Joe because he is ashamed of Joe’s simple manners. Drummle, described by Jaggers as the “blotchy, sprawly, sulky fellow” (ch 26), is Pip’s nemesis. Drummle offends him and irritates him. He is a perfect stereotype of the spoiled gentleman: brutish, boorish, and mean.

Why does Jaggers bite his finger?

The way we understand an action and respond to it (Jaggers biting his great forefinger, his grasping Molly’s hands) is by simulating it in our own neuronal system.

Who killed Pip’s sister?

The person who kills Pip’s sister in Great Expectations is Dolge Orlick. He attacks her, and she later dies from the injuries she sustained when he struck her head.

Why can’t Herbert marry Clara?

Why won’t Herbert marry Clara? He is too poor to marry. She will not make a good wife.

What happens at the end of Mr Jaggers?

(pg 146) This shows Jaggers considers those who aren’t in his circle of his own understanding to be beneath him and not very smart. He also shows intolerance to those below him when he meets up with Pip and a young man tries to talk to him and he “Threw his supplicant off with supreme indifference…”

What are the habits of Mr Jaggers in Great Expectations?

Mr Jaggers has a number of rituals or habits which are repeated so often that they suggest he is uneasy about the work he does. These include: hand washing, scrubbing his fingers, cleaning his nails, gargling and ‘biting the side of his great forefinger.’

Why does Jaggers wash his hands in the Bible?

Jaggers carries out this action repeatedly in the novel. It is as though he is trying to wash away the crime he has been associated with. This reminds us of Pontius Pilate in the Bible, who washes his hands to prove he is not responsible for the death of Jesus.

What was the conflict between Mr Jaggers and Molly?

The main one he is involved with is his maid, this would be a man versus society conflict. His maid Molly was tried in a case for a murder of a older woman and Mr. Jaggers was her lawyer. The woman she was said to murder was said to be her husband’s mistress, therefore Molly took her revenge.