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How do you use the word calibrate?

How do you use the word calibrate?

Calibrate in a Sentence 🔉

  1. Since one of my tires looks a little flat, I’m going to take my car to the shop so a mechanic can calibrate the tire pressure.
  2. The hospital pharmacist knows how important it is to calibrate the IV medications correctly.

Is calibrated in a sentence?

Calibrated sentence example. The instrument can be calibrated by a continuous current. The calorimeter tube was calibrated by a thread of mercury weighing 19 milligrams, which occupied eighty-five divisions.

What part of speech is the word calibrated?

part of speech: transitive verb. inflections: calibrates, calibrating, calibrated.

What is the word calibrated mean?

: to adjust or mark (something, such as a measuring device) so that it can be used in an accurate and exact way. : to measure (something) in an exact and precise way. See the full definition for calibrate in the English Language Learners Dictionary. calibrate. transitive verb.

What is an example of calibrated?

verb. 3. The definition of calibrate means to correct or adjust the graduations of something that measures, in comparison to a certain standard. An example of to calibrate is to move an iPhone compass into the correct position. An example of to calibrate is to set a scale at zero.

What is another word for calibrate?

To check or adjust by comparison with a standard. regulate. adjust. tune. rectify.

What is a sentence for calibrate?

The professor would like for us to collaborate on our project. “Let’s collaborate on our chores so we will finish quicker,” said the youngest sibling. The two companies want to collaborate to generate more sales. The musicians are planning to collaborate with the possibility of starting a band.

How do you use calibrated in a sentence?

We used diet to calibrate the rate that insulin is produced. It was a calculated, carefully calibrated effort at damage control. The future is also sculptured with concealed, expensively calibrated light. Machines are then calibrated to accept these less than perfect bills.

What are the types of calibration?

Different Types of Calibration

  • Pressure Calibration.
  • Temperature Calibration.
  • Flow Calibration.
  • Pipette Calibration.
  • Electrical calibration.
  • Mechanical calibration.

How do you use recalibrate in a sentence?

Examples of ‘recalibrate’ in a sentence recalibrate

  1. We need to recalibrate our relationship to antimicrobials at a global level.
  2. Time to recalibrate our response meters, clearly.
  3. It is about creation and it can recalibrate perception.
  4. Engineers would recalibrate the vehicle to make sure emissions are at the legal level.

What is an antonym for calibrated?

Opposite of to check or adjust by comparison with a standard. damage. deregulate. disarrange.

What medication does calibrate use?

Moreover, their doctors may prescribe medications called GLP-1s (glucagon-like peptide-1s). According to Calibrate, these treatment methods should help customers lose at least 10% of their body weight. If you’ve struggled to lose weight in the past, Calibrate may seem like the answer to all your prayers.

Which is the correct definition of the word calibrated?

1 (of an instrument) marked with a scale of readings. (of an instrument’s readings) correlated with those of a standard. Carefully assessed, set, or adjusted.

Is there a way to calibrate an AV?

— Rogayeh Tabrizi, Forbes, 10 Mar. 2021 This suggests that people’s safety requirements for AVs may be particularly sticky, and more research is needed to find ways to calibrate them. — Iyad Rahwan, WSJ, 6 Apr. 2021

How is data used to calibrate computer models?

These data can then be used to calibrate detailed computer models to develop effective repairs to enhance bridge performance and prolong its life. — Adel Abdelnaby, CNN, 17 May 2021 Transformation happens when leaders are sensitive and calibrate the progress of the team to shape it toward productivity.

How does the body calibrate for the finish line?

Because if you put your mind on a finish line, and the finish line is going to happen within two months, you’re going to calibrate for that final sprint. The light emitted enters the eyes and stimulates the retina, activating the hippocampus and calibrating the body’s clock to daytime.