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How do you use consistently in a sentence?

How do you use consistently in a sentence?

Consistently sentence example

  1. The same principle was consistently applied in his university teaching.
  2. Thiers had consistently opposed the emperor Napoleons pro-Italian policy.
  3. Higher education was long forbidden and is consistently opposed by the Old Order.

Will consistently meaning?

The adverb consistently describes something that’s done the same way for a long time. If your mom consistently forgets to add sugar when she’s baking cookies, it means you can count on inedible cookies. When something happens again and again, it happens consistently.

What is a good sentence for constant?

a problem demanding constant attention The equipment should be stored at a constant temperature. He kept the car’s speed constant. She has struggled to maintain a constant weight. They remained constant friends throughout their lives.

How do you use consistency in a sentence?

He scores goals with remarkable consistency. There’s always a lack of consistency in matters of foreign policy. The consistency of a substance is how thick or smooth it is. I added a little milk to mix the dough to the right consistency.

Does consistently mean always?

consistentlyadverb. In a consistent manner. consistentlyadverb. constantly; always.

What makes a person consistent?

To be consistent you have to make sure that you recognize when you don’t reach the standards and goals that you’ve set. In these moments, consider if your goals are realistic or ask yourself what you can do to improve. On your schedule or calendar, check off tasks that you have completed.

What is an example of consistent?

The definition of consistent is something that is reliable or in agreement. An example of consistent is waking up at seven o’clock every morning. He is very consistent in his political choices: economy good or bad, he always votes Labour!

What does it mean when a person is consistent?

adjective. Someone who is consistent always behaves in the same way, has the same attitudes towards people or things, or achieves the same level of success in something.

What is a sentence for Cope?

She’s struggling to cope with the heavy workload . 7. It must be difficult to cope with three small children and a job.

What is an example of consistency?

The definition of consistency means thickness or something stays the same, is done in the same way or looks the same. An example of consistency is a sauce that is easy to pour from a pitcher. An example of consistency is when paint is applied uniformly so that the wall looks the same from one side to the other.

What is the true meaning of consistency?

: the quality or fact of staying the same at different times especially : the quality or fact of being good each time. : the quality or fact of having parts that agree with each other. : the quality of being thick, firm, smooth, etc. See the full definition for consistency in the English Language Learners Dictionary.

Which is an example of a consistent sentence?

Examples of Consistent in a sentence. He was consistent, always arriving at the diner at exactly 9:15 every morning. 🔊. The lawyer never had a consistent schedule, sometimes not making it to the office at all. 🔊. Politicians are rarely consistent, constantly changing their stances to fit the majority.

How to use the word consistently in a sentence?

Investigators determined that the company consistentlymisreported revenues, providing an unduly rosy picture to investors. They are also in the grip of leftist ideologies which consistentlylead them to misread the world and its dangers, and to make stupid decisions. In fact, the national championships and Olympic trials are consistentlyheld there.

What makes up a simple sentence in English?

What Makes Up a Simple Sentence? 1 Must have a subject and a verb 2 Must express a complete idea or thought 3 Must only have one clause (the independent clause)

Is it a simple sentence or a complex sentence?

You might think that a simple sentence is not complicated since the term says it all: simple sentence. A simple sentence is not necessarily short in order to be considered simple. But do not get too confident because it can get as complicated that in grammar exams, you might take simple sentences as a compound or a complex one.