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How do you swap Neopets?

How do you swap Neopets?

If you only have one Neopet, it will always be your active pet. If you have more than one and wish to change your active Neopet, simply click on the pet you want to become the new active pet.

How do I transfer my Neopoints to my side account?

You can then transfer your Neopoints across to your new account using the Trading Post, simply put up a junk item on the receiving account and offer your NP on it (you may need to do this several times due to the 2,000,000 Neopoint offer limit).

Can you trade Neopets?

In the most basic terms, trading is when one Neopet is swapped for another. It’s also against the rules to trade a Neopet for anything but another Neopet; you can’t offer another player Neopoints or items alongside your pet to try and get them to accept.

How do I give my Neopet away?

If you wish to abandon one of your faithful Neopets, for whatever reason, just go to the Neopian Pound. Here Dr_Death will take care of your Neopet until it finds a good home.

How do I check my Neopets transfers?

Checking # Transfers Remaining If you navigate to the exchange page (where you select what Neopet you will receive from the other user), there will be a message at the top. It will read something along these lines: “You are about to exchange PETNAME for a Neopet currently owned by OTHER USER.

How do I get my old Neopets back?

To return to the Classic Site, please click on your Neopet icon on the left side of the screen and then click on “View Classic Site” at the bottom of the menu. This will keep you on the Classic Site until you want to switch back to Beta.

Can I change my main account Neopets?

Yes, you can.

Can you have Neopets premium on a side account?

You are allowed to have one of your side accounts as your alias accounts. What this does is that you’ll be able to use your portal and other premium features such as having no ads on your side account. Your side account will also receive its own [email protected] e-mail address.

Can you transfer Neopets between accounts?

The transfer feature allows you to move pets from one account to another. Before you transfer a pet, here are some notes to keep in mind. Accounts less than 4 months old are subject to the same restrictions as adopting from the Pound—see above. Each pet may only be transferred once per day.

Is Neopets coming back?

As the year draws to a close, it has come time to say goodbye to Flash, but not goodbye to Neopets! We’re excited to continue making the site better, more mobile-friendly and Flash-free in the new year.

How does the trading post work Neopets?

Simply stated, it’s putting some items from your inventory on display so that other Neopians can offer you their own items and Neopoints in exchange. For example, I can put up a Puppyblew for trade. Then other users can offer items and neopoints to trade for my item.

How many transfers do you get a month Neopets?

Every account is allowed at least 1 transfer per month.

Can you transfer a Neopet to another account?

These days, such transfers must be done using the transfer system, and any pet you adopt through the Pound is yours to keep. You are not able to adopt a new pet while you have a pet in transit to another account. When you first enter the “Adopt” door at the Pound, you will be shown one to three random Neopets whose names begin the same letter.

How do you transfer a pet in jellyneo?

How To Transfer A Pet First, make sure that you have 1,000 Neopoints on-hand, then head on over to the Transferring Pets Room. If you look at the picture below, you can see that there is a button below each pet. Click on the button that is below the pet you want to transfer.

How old does a Neopian have to be to be transferred?

A Neopet must be at least 7 days old to be transferred. Pets with a No-Trade Petpet attached to it cannot be transferred until the Petpet is removed, even if they are changed via the Petpet Lab Ray into a normal Petpet. No-Trade Petpets include those found in Newbie Starter Packs. You are able to transfer a pet even if it is your only pet.

How to join the virtual pet community?

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