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How do you say Wolf in Lakota?

How do you say Wolf in Lakota?

Please send us the word for “wolf” in your language if it does not appear in the above list….Note The spelling of some languages are “Romanized” for ease of pronunciation.

Algonquin: mahigan
Sioux (Lakota): šung’manitu Tanka [pronounced: shoonk.manee.too.tonka]
Sioux (Dakota): šunktokeca
Ute: sinapu

What does Kola mean in Lakota?

It means friend. More than that, traditionally, in Lakota culture, it is not used lightly. It connotes a lifelong committment to a friend, traditionally, males in Lakota culture took a Kola as a “brother” with a lifelong committmenmt to that individual and his family.

How do you say little wolf in Lakota?

Sunka: (shoon-kah) General description for all dogs. When you say “sungmanitu tanka” a description of a wolf, we imagine a figure similar to a coyote but much larger.

How do you say little wolf in Native American?

Consider one of these strong and meaningful indigenous names for your dog….Native American Words Meaning Wolf, Coyote, and Fox.

Name Tribe or Language Meaning
Honi Arapaho Wolf
Honiahaka Cheyenne Little Wolf
Maikoh Navajo Wolf
Maiyun Cheyenne Wolf

How do you say little brother in Lakota?

My misun. (Little brother.)

What does a white wolf mean in Native American?

strength, loyalty
In Native American Culture A white wolf is a significant tribal symbol for some Native Indian clans representing strength, loyalty, and success at hunting.

What do you call someone who speaks Lakota?

Press ‘Ctrl F’ to open a search box in your browser to search specific Lakota or English words that appear on this page. blotahonka (blo-tah-hoon-kah…. advisors, leaders, to a large war party.

How to search for a Lakota word online?

Type English word in the above field and press “Search” button or Enter key… Type Lakota word in the above field and press “Search” button or Enter key…

What does Ahbleza mean in Lakota language?

TRANSLATION of LAKOTA to ENGLISH + Lakota Pronunciation Guide… ah-ah (ah-ah)…… This word is used to encourage a child to “listen”. ahbleza (ah-blay-za)…. This word means literally to “perceive” sometimes used to describe one observing.