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How do you play Doodle Jump on Iphone?

How do you play Doodle Jump on Iphone?

How to Play “Doodle Jump”

  1. Getting Started. Tap “Doodle Jump” to open the main menu.
  2. Game Options. You have two play options in “Doodle Jump.” From the main menu, tap “Play” to start a one-player game.
  3. Controlling Your Doodler.
  4. Using Gadgets to Get Higher.
  5. Dealing with Platforms and Enemies.

What is the high score for Doodle Jump?

MILLIONS. At this precise moment the Doodle Jump world record is 16,128,481. The best score recorded this week sits at around 2.3 million.

How much does Doodle Jump cost?

A tough tablet to swallow And since Doodle Jump HD carries a $2.99 price tag, the game’s position in the top grossing charts has been more erratic too, dropping out of top 500 grossing games chart entirely for a spell.

Is there an end to Doodle Jump?

There is no definitive end to the game, but the end for each gameplay session happens when the player falls to the bottom of the screen, jumps into a monster, gets sucked into a black hole, or is abducted by a UFO.

How many people are playing Doodle Jump?

10 million
Doodle Jump currently has more than 10 million monthly players, which is roughly equivalent to Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, one of the most popular eSports of all time.

Is Doodle Jump free?

Doodle Jump is available to play for free.

Is Doodle Jump 2 free?

‘Doodle Jump 2’ is the New Sequel to the All-Time App Store Classic ‘Doodle Jump’, Available Now for Free.

Who invented Doodle Jump?

Igor Pusenjak
Igor Pusenjak, president of Lima Sky and co-creator of Doodle Jump, believes he knows what makes his company and its game successful. Doodle Jump took no time becoming a hit when Lima Sky released the game for iOS in 2009.

Why is Doodle Jump so popular?

It was simple, addictive, and everyone wanted to play it. This game showed the world what mobile gaming was capable of. It was so popular, it was selling 300,000 copies a month. And all that just with the help of a green doodle monster jumping around trying to get as high as possible.

How do you cheat on Doodle Jump?

Enter these codes to unlock the following themes and more:

  1. Ooga – Play as ‘Pocket God’ islander.
  2. Creeps – The Creeps enemies.
  3. Boo – Halloween Theme.
  4. Snow – Holiday theme.
  5. Klak – Play as Indian.

What is the story behind Doodle Jump?

There are even rumors of Doodle Jump as a metaphor for Life.” After searching through the most popular mobile games, the company settled on Doodle Jump, a platformer about a tiny creature — the Doodler — jumping ever upwards, avoiding enemies and traps that will crash him back down to earth.

Is Doodle Jump safe?

Parents need to know that this cute tilting game is fine for most kids. However, preschoolers and younger kids might not have the required hand-eye coordination to play. Our review is based on the iPhone app; the Android app may have some differences in functionality.

How do you play Doodle Jump on Poki?

Doodle Jump. Travel with the cartoon character as high as possible! This jumping upwards game will test your reaction speed and hopping skills. You will be challenged to leap from platform to platform while collecting power-ups. Use a jetpack to blast upwards at the speed of light!

What’s the aim of the game Doodle Jump?

The aim of “Doodle Jump” is to guide your Doodler character as he jumps up the screen through a series of platforms. You can use gadgets to boost your progress, but must also deal with hazards and enemies that get in your way. According to “Doodle Jump’s” developer, Lima Sky, the game is the third all-time top paid app for iPhone.

Is there a lite version of Doodle Jump?

We did say that Doodle Jump is a casual title, but then again, its mechanics are more in-depth than the average casual-type game. If you’re the type of player who wants a “lite” version of Doodle Jump, you can play Classic Mode, which reduces the difficulty level substantially, as it doesn’t come with any blue tiles.

Where do I find Doodle Jump on Facebook?

Tap “Doodle Jump” to open the main menu. This gives you access to game options, the store and score rankings. To change the settings, tap “Options.” Unless you want to immediately connect to Facebook or turn off sound effects, you’ll probably want to keep the default settings, at least to start with.