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How do you eat cacao plant?

How do you eat cacao plant?

To eat cacao fruit, you pop one of those pulp-covered seeds in your mouth, and suck the sweet flesh off the seed. The pulp has a wonderful complex fruity flavor, sweet and tart, with hints of citrus, mango, maybe even pineapple.

What can be made from the cocoa plant?

The cocoa bean is the seed of the cacao tree (Theobroma cacao), a tropical plant indigenous to the equatorial regions of the Americas. From the processed cocoa bean comes the fluid paste, or liquor, from which cocoa powder and chocolate are made.

How long does cacao fruit last?

The shelf life of raw cacao Raw cacao beans will last from six months to a year if stored properly. They should be stored in an air-tight container away from heat, light, and moisture.

What happens in a cacao ceremony?

Cacao ceremonies vary depending on the ceremony facilitator (or shaman). People usually sit in a circle and set intentions, pray, sing together with heartfelt music or sound healing and then dance ecstatically or share as a group together. It is a fun, uplifting experience in a safe and open community.

Is cacao dangerous or is cacao a super food?

In its raw form, cacao has different nutritional components than typical processed chocolate. Many claim that raw chocolate is filled with mega doses of nutrients, making it a super food, and therefore extremely healthy for the human body. Others claim that even in its raw state, cacao is a stimulant that taxes the human body and cacao is more like a poison than a food.

What is cacao good for?

Cacao has been shown to prevent blood clots better than aspirin. Cacao’s generous amounts of magnesium and other antioxidants help to lower blood pressure, one of the risk factors in heart disease. Cacao helps to produce nitric oxide in the body, which relaxes and dilates blood vessels and improves blood flow,…

Is raw cacao a superfood or harmful stimulant?

Cacao is a superfood that is rich in anti-oxidant phytonutrients . Using raw cacao in the form of powder, bars, nips, etc. is a fantastically healthy approach. When cacao seeds are roasted they lose some of their nutrients and this processed form is called cocoa.

What are the benefits of cacao?

Cacao can improve heart health, cholesterol, stress levels, and inflammation, to list just a few physical advantages. Fringe benefits cacao releases into the brain include anandamide , endorphins, phenylethylamine, and serotonin, all sparking descriptives like “blissful” and “euphoric.”.