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How do you beat Cynthia?

How do you beat Cynthia?

The best thing to do in your battle with Cynthia is to strike her Pokémon with super-effective type moves as early as possible. Knock out her Pokémon first and avoid taking massive hits as much as you can.

Which Pokémon should I fight Cynthia?

In Black and White you can battle her in Undella Town, but only in Summer. After losing, she will confess that she was reminded of the Trainer who captured Giratina. You can also re-battle her in the Summer.

How do you battle Cynthia in Pokémon Diamond?

In Diamond and Pearl Cynthia can only be battled in the Champions Chambers of the Sinnoh League. That does mean going through the Elite Four, so be prepared with hyper potions plenty for Cynthia. Spiritomb will be the first Pokémon she sends out, and this is definitely going to throw you off.

Has anyone defeated Cynthia?

In Memories Are Made of Bliss!, Ash and his friends watched her battle with Flint for the title of Champion. Flint’s Infernape managed to defeat two of her Pokémon, but Garchomp ultimately defeated Flint’s Infernape, earning Cynthia the victory.

How common is the name Cynthia?

Today Cynthia ranks at #429 and has declined since its peak at #7 in 1957. Typical of mid-century names, Cynthia has a bell curve trend pattern. Cynthia was somewhat uncommon a century ago, and then gradually increased and peaked mid-century. Cynthia plateaued for a few years and then rapidly declined.

How many full restores does Cynthia have?

Take it down, and for the rest of the Pokemon she chooses to use, make sure you up against them with their weaknesses. As we mentioned earlier, Cynthia will use Full Restores liberally (she used one four times in battle with us), but don’t lose your head.

Does Cynthia have a lucario?

Lucario is a Pokémon owned by Cynthia.

Does Ash ever battle Cynthia?

She eventually stopped their battle, seeing it didn’t matter who won, as both Ash and Dawn were strong. She later saw Dawn off as she traveled to Johto. Cynthia went away on business and learned from Jervis that Meloetta was training with Ash.

Does Ash ever face Cynthia?

Cynthia’s return to the series is an exciting one because while she’s only one of the champions Ash will seemingly see in the Master Class, she’s also one Ash never faced off against in full despite seeing her in action and working with her a number of times in the past.

Is Cynthia a rare name?

Does the name Cynthia have a meaning?

Cynthia was originally an epithet of the Greek goddess Artemis, who according to legend was born on Mount Cynthus. Selene, the Greek personification of the moon, and the Roman Diana were also sometimes called “Cynthia”….Cynthia.

Gender Female
Word/name Greek
Meaning Moon
Other names