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How do I organize my fridge to maximize space?

How do I organize my fridge to maximize space?

How to Organize Your Refrigerator

  1. Choose a section:
  2. Upper Shelves | Lower Shelves | Door | Drawers.
  3. Make an “Eat Me First” Box for About-to-Expire Foods.
  4. Use a Lazy Susan to Easily Find Food.
  5. Hang Baskets to Utilize Wall Space.
  6. Group Like Items Together.
  7. Use File Organizers to Store Snacks.

What is the proper way to organize a refrigerator?

But here are the basics: The top shelf and door tend to be the warmest “zones”, while the middle and bottom shelves get progressively cooler. So, you should keep condiments in the door, dairy products, eggs and spreads on the upper shelves, meats and milk on the lowest shelf and fruits and vegetables in the crisper.

How do you organize food in a French door refrigerator?

Fridge Organization Tips

  1. PURGE. The first step to every organizing project is a good purge!
  2. Clean.
  3. Adjust Shelves.
  4. Create Zones.
  5. Contain With Clear Storage Bins.
  6. Remove Excess packaging.
  7. Keep Labels Flexible.

Where should foods be stored in a fridge?

How to Store Food in a Fridge:

  • Top and middle shelf. Ready-to-eat foods, such as dairy products, ready meals and packaged foods, leftovers, cooked meats and prepared salads.
  • Bottom shelf. Raw meat, poultry and fish in sealed containers to stop them touching or dripping onto other foods.
  • Salad drawer.

Why is there a proper placement for food in a refrigerator?

Top and middle shelf Ready-to-eat foods are stored at the top of the fridge, away from raw foods so that harmful bacteria cannot transfer from the raw food to the cooked food.

How do you take the shelf out of a GE refrigerator?

Remove items from the shelf and remove the crisper drawers. Push up on the rear of the glass from underneath. While holding up the rear of the glass, push the glass to the rear about 1/2″ to disengage it from the front of the frame. Once disengaged from the front of the frame, carefully lift the shelf up and out.

How should I organize my fridge on a budget?

17 Clever Ways to Organize Your Fridge

  1. Hang suction baskets on the side of the fridge.
  2. Glue magnets to the bottom of containers and stick them to the walls of a fridge.
  3. Label refrigerator doors.
  4. Organize food in clear bins.
  5. Label baskets filled with similar food groups.
  6. Install miniature pull-out drawers.

How to organize kitchen appliances-the spruce?

How To Quickly Organize, Declutter, and Store Kitchen Appliances 1 Pare Down Your Appliances. 2 Banish Your Never-Used Appliances. 3 Donate or Recycle the Appliances You Never Use. 4 Cut Cabinet Clutter. 5 Move Rarely-Used Kitchen Appliances To Storage. 6 Store the Appliances You Use All The Time. 7 Maintain and Upgrade.

Is there a drop down shelf on a GE refrigerator?

However, newer GE refrigerator models have thoroughly maximized shelf space by including drop-down shelving. A drop down shelf is hidden when you don’t need it and visible when you do.

How big is a full size GE refrigerator?

From mini-refrigerators that are less than 15 cubic feet to larger refrigerators that are well over 26 cubic feet, there are many sizes available. But there’s more to refrigerator capacity than just cubic feet.

Which is the best way to organize kitchen appliances?

Aside from appliances, the five items that should always be within reach are your best knife, colander, cutting board, sauté pan, and stockpot. The more often you organize your kitchen appliances, the less time it will take each season.