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How do I contact SunTrust corporate office?

How do I contact SunTrust corporate office?


  1. Business Contact Center. 866.476.1460.
  2. 24-Hour Automated Assistance.
  3. Online Cash Manager. 800.382.3232.
  4. Fraud-Related Issues. 866.495.5411.

What is a bank audit confirmation?

Bank confirmation is the auditor’s audit procedure to test the existence, accuracy, and ownership of the bank account and bank balance of the entity. This procedure is normally performed during the interim audit rather than at the completion stage.

Where is SunTrust corporate headquarters?

Atlanta, GA
SunTrust Banks/Headquarters

What is SunTrust address?

Top Banks Europe

Head office SunTrust Plaza, 303 Peachtree Street Northeast Atlanta, GA 30308-3201
Phone (404) 588-7711, toll-free 1.800.786.8787
Official site
Founded 1891

How do I speak to a human at SunTrust?

If you have a SunTrust account specific request or question and have access to online banking, please log-on to Online Banking and send us a secure message, or call us at 1-800-SUNTRUST to speak with a customer service representative.

Is SunTrust a good bank?

SunTrust will be the right bank for customers looking for perks with their basic checking and savings options. It may be a particularly good fit for those who: Would like to receive cash back from their debit and credit card purchases and cash bonuses for putting that cash back into their SunTrust deposit accounts.

What are the key characteristics of a bank confirmation letter?

A bank confirmation letter (BCL) validates that a bank has a line of credit in place with one of its customers. The BLC is not a guarantee of payment, but an assurance of the borrower’s financial resources to complete a purchase.

What is a positive confirmation?

Positive confirmation is an auditing inquiry that requires the customer to respond, confirming the accuracy of an item. Positive confirmation requires proof of accuracy by affirming that the original information was correct or by providing the correct information if incorrect.

Who is the CEO of SunTrust?

William H Rogers Jr (Jan 2012–)
SunTrust Banks/CEO

Where is the corporate headquarters for Bank of America?

Charlotte, NC
Bank of America/Headquarters

Is SunTrust owned by Bank of America?

was an American bank holding company with SunTrust Bank as its largest subsidiary and assets of US$199 billion as of March 31, 2018. The bank’s most direct corporate parent was established in 1891 in Atlanta, where it was headquartered….SunTrust Banks.

Type Subsidiary
Number of employees 22,899 (2018)

Has SunTrust Bank Been Hacked?

On April 20, 2018, Atlanta-based financial services firm SunTrust encountered a data breach that might have compromised around 1.5 million customers’ personal information. Fortunately, the information that was stolen did not include sensitive data like social security numbers, PINs, user IDs and, passwords.

How to contact SunTrust Bank for auto loan?

Let us know how we can help. For assistance with your SunTrust Auto Loan, please call 800.SUNTRUST (800-786-8787) For Online Banking support, please call 800-382-3232 For more information about SunTrust Bank, visit

Can you deposit a check into a SunTrust account?

check image files that can be electronically transmitted to SunTrust for deposit. The service allows you to make multiple deposits per account per day. Payments received in the afternoon, which normally would have to be delivered for deposit the next day, can be transmitted to SunTrust for same-day credit.

What kind of services does SunTrust Bank offer?

Trust and investment management services are provided by SunTrust Bank, SunTrust Delaware Trust Company. Securities, brokerage accounts and insurance (including annuities) are offered by SunTrust Investment Services, Inc., a SEC registered broker-dealer, member FINRA, SIPC, and a licensed insurance agency.

Where are SunTrust and BB & T home communities?

And through 2021, we’ll fulfill financial commitments of more than $115 million annually for SunTrust’s and BB’s home communities—Atlanta and the Piedmont Triad in North Carolina. Whether you’re a current client or interested in becoming one, we’re building a better banking experience for you.