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How do I become a paid member on Ovipets?

How do I become a paid member on Ovipets?

How do I become a paid user? It’s quite easy! You just purchase any amount of credits one time – and you’re a paid user for life. You purchase credits from your Trade page, at the bottom you’ll find a button with “Get More Credits” on it.

How to Trade in OviPets?

This is guide to help new players of ovipet ….How to trade with other players

  1. Go to the page of whomever you want to trade with.
  2. Click on the Trading button, the one with the two arrows on the right of the button with the egg.
  3. Click on ‘Open New Trade Request’
  4. There will now be two tabs that you can open.

How to revive dead pets OviPets?

owever, pets can be revived for 1 credit after theyie, by going to Search/My Pets/Search Dead.

How do you breed Ovipets?

To breed two pets, they have to be:

  1. The same species.
  2. One male and one female. A female that hasn’t been bred for a while.
  3. Unrelated for three generations.

How do you get free credits on Ovipets?

The only repeatable and free way to receive credits is to flip the eggs of your friends. You can only flip eggs in the hatchery of a member with whom you are friends. It is not certain how the system determines how frequently credits are received from flipping eggs.

How do you earn credits on Ovipets?

The most effective way to receive credits is to purchase them. Credits can be purchased on your Trading page at the very bottom under all of your previous transactions. Credits can be purchased in lots of 200, 800, 500, and 1200 and can only be purchased using facebook credits.

How do I get Ovipets credits?

How can I trade my Pet in ovipets?

If you want to know who the pet goes to, or to trade for other pets and/or breedings instead of just credits, just click the “Trade” button and the pet will be show as up for trade for other users (the little coin icon will appear on their image) other users will be able to send you different trade offers.

How do you feed your dog on ovipets?

You feed your pets by clicking the “Feed” button in their profile, this doesn’t do much of anything. It only fills the bar. The profile is the page you get to when you click the pet’s image or name which also contains links to the pet’s pedigree, color information etc.

How many species of pets are there in ovipets?

A virtual pet game company focused on genetics and breeding! In the world of OviPets, you and your friends are able to breed and care for twenty-seven different species of pets in all the colors of the rainbow. You can find new species to breed and new mutations to splice into eggs.

What can you do with credits in ovipets?

To buy/trade other people’s pets. (if you are paid user you can buy pets) To breed your pet with other people’s pets if the breeding costs. (if you are paid user) When you create an account, you are automatically supplied with 100 credits. This is a one time thing, and it is against the rules to create multiple Ovipets accounts.