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How did Frances Willard impact the world?

How did Frances Willard impact the world?

During her lifetime, Willard succeeded in raising the age of consent in many states, as well as passing labor reforms including the eight-hour work day. Her vision also encompassed prison reform, scientific temperance instruction, Christian socialism, and the global expansion of women’s rights.

What criticism of American society did Frances Willard have?

Frances Willard remained a staunch Christian, rooting her reform ideas in her faith. She disagreed with the criticism of religion and the Bible by other suffragists like Elizabeth Cady Stanton, though Willard continued to work with such critics on other issues.

Why was Frances E Willard important?

American educator, temperance reformer, and women’s suffragist, Willard’s influence was instrumental in the passage of the 18th and 19th Amendments to the United States Constitution. Willard became the national president of Woman’s Christian Temperance Union (WCTU), in 1879, and remained president for 19 years.

How did Frances Willard contribute to American society quizlet?

Who was Frances Willard? Became leader of the WCTU(Women’s Christian Temperance Union). She worked to educate people about the evils of alcohol. She urged laws banning the sale of liquor.

Who was the most important person in the temperance movement?

The WCTU became international in scope in the 1880s. Some of the most notable figures associated with the U.S. temperance movement were Susan B. Anthony, Frances E. Willard and Carry A.

What did Frances Willard do?

Frances Willard (September 28, 1839–February 17, 1898) was one of the best-known and most influential women of her day and headed the Women’s Christian Temperance Union from 1879 to 1898. She was also the first dean of women at Northwestern University .

Who is Frances Willard?

Frances Elizabeth Caroline Willard (1839-1898) was a prominent American temperance crusader and women’s suffrage leader. Frances Willard was born on Sept. 28, 1839, in Churchville, N.Y.

Who was Francis Willard?

Frances Willard, in full Frances Elizabeth Caroline Willard, (born Sept. 28, 1839, Churchville, N.Y., U.S.-died Feb. 18, 1898, New York, N.Y.), American educator, reformer , and founder of the World Woman’s Christian Temperance Union (1883). An excellent speaker, a successful lobbyist, and an expert in pressure politics, she was a leader of the national Prohibition Party.