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Do Mercedes have timing belts or chains?

Do Mercedes have timing belts or chains?

Porsche, BMW and Mercedes Benz make use of an internal timing chain. The down side of the external timing belt is the fact that like all belts, it is a wear item and must be replaced. On average, timing belts should be replaced every 80,000 miles or every 5 years.

Does a Mercedes Vito have a Cambelt?

Your van definitely has a cam belt.

Does my van have a timing belt or chain?

In order to tell if your car has a timing belt or a timing chain you have to inspect your engine. Check the side of your engine, and if it has a tinplate or plastic cover, then you’ve got a timing belt. If your engine has neither of those, then it has a timing chain.

How many miles does a Mercedes Vito last?

“Our experience has proved that a properly maintained Vito can be relied upon to run for a million miles and more without serious trouble.

Which Mercedes have timing chains?

While not all vehicles use timing chains, most Mercedes-Benz vehicles (especially those powered by higher-displacement engines such as the C-Class) do. In terms of function, there’s no difference – both serve the same purpose of synchronising the camshaft and crankshaft in your engine, preventing engine valve failure.

How long do Mercedes timing chains last?

In a well-maintained engine, a timing chain can last up to 300,000 miles or even longer.

Does a Mercedes Sprinter have a Cambelt?

that’s why we buy Mercedes, because they don’t have a “cam-belt” which can snap, take off your oil filler cap and have a look at that super chain. Yup-did that last week. What we used to call over-engineering, but it doesn’t half give you confidence.

How long does a Mercedes timing chain last?

The timing chain normally needs to be replaced between 40,000 and 100,000 miles unless there is a problem.

Are Mercedes Vito reliable?

The Vito is a high-quality product, but its problem has always been persuading UK van buyers that it’s worth a premium over the mainstream alternatives. The latest model closes the price gap to its rivals, and it’s a great choice if you prioritise comfort, refinement, technology and a general classy feel.

How many miles is too many for a van?

Today’s modern vans are engineered to last – and 100,000 miles showing on the clock is commonplace. There’s even stories of Transits reaching 200,000 and beyond – but if you are considering spending your hard-earned cash purchasing a ‘High Miler’, it can be a case of ‘buyer beware’.

How much does a Mercedes Vito cambelt cost?

Il try get some put up tommorow mate, its an 03 plate and is completly standard and imaculate apart from some light surface rust in places. £2800 i paid Its got timing chain just sold my 04 plate 115 duo liner with 140k on clock for £4700 so yours sound a bargain.

Is the cam belt on a Mercedes V230?

Mercedes Bent Dealer. Click to expand… funny you say that, when i bought my v230 i left it at my mechanics with a list of things to do. Cambelt was on there Got it back with a tick next to the cambelt request. he never charged me for that…just laughed Your van definitely has a cam belt.

What are the symptoms of a Mercedes timing chain failure?

Timing chain symptoms are pretty obvious, ranging from rattling sounds and engine misfires to engine failure and the use of improper oil. The simple guide will help you be aware of timing chain failure in your Mercedes. 1. Rattling Sounds While the Vehicle’s in Idle