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Did Ian Bell ever captain England?

Did Ian Bell ever captain England?

A former England U19 captain, Bell had played just 13 first-class games when called into the England squad, though in 2001 he scored 836 runs for Warwickshire at an average of over 64, including three centuries.

Where was Ian Bell born?

Walsgrave on Sowe, Coventry, United Kingdom
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Where did Ian Bell go to school?

Princethorpe College
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How many Ashes series did Ian Bell win?

Warwickshire’s former England batsman Ian Bell will retire at the end of the 2020 domestic season. The 38-year-old, a five-time Ashes winner, played 118 Tests for England and scored 22 Test centuries. He spent his entire 22-year career at his home county Warwickshire, helping the side win six trophies.

What has happened to Ian Bell?

Warwickshire’s former England batsman and five-time Ashes winner Ian Bell will retire from cricket at the end of the 2020 season. The 38-year-old played 118 Test matches for England between 2004 and 2015, scoring 7,727 runs, 22 hundreds and 46 half-centuries.

Was Ian Bell good?

Bell was a good player who was given more than every opportunity he needed to succeed. Bell owed it to himself, as much as he owed it to everyone else, to make good on them. And in the end he did. In the five years after he was dropped, Bell scored 3,865 runs in 54 Tests an average a nip over 50.

How old is Ian Bell?

39 years (April 11, 1982)
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Who won most number of Ashes series?

Australia has won more Ashes Tests than England, winning 136 of the 335 matches, compared to England’s 108 victories. Australia also holds the edge in Ashes series won, having won on 33 occasions compared to England’s 32….Ashes series.

Years 1882–83
First match 30 December 1882
Tests 3
Australia 1
England 2

Why is the Ashes cup so small?

The Ashes urn is a small urn made of terracotta and standing 10.5 cm (4.1 inches) high, believed to contain the ashes of a burnt cricket bail. The urn has come to be strongly associated with ‘The Ashes’, the prize for which England and Australia are said to compete in Test series between the two countries.

Why is Ashes so popular?

The term was used in a satirical obituary published in a British newspaper, The Sporting Times, after Australia’s victory in 1882 at The Oval, which happened to be their first Test win on English soil. The obituary said that English cricket had died, and the body will be cremated and the Ashes taken to Australia.

Who invented cricket?

Having originated in south-east England, it became the country’s national sport in the 18th century and has developed globally in the 19th and 20th centuries. International matches have been played since 1844 and Test cricket began, retrospectively recognised, in 1877.

Why is ashes so famous?

The Ashes is a Test cricket series played between England and Australia. The mythical ashes immediately became associated with the 1882–83 series played in Australia, before which the English captain Ivo Bligh had vowed to “regain those ashes”. The English media therefore dubbed the tour the quest to regain the Ashes.

How old was Ian Bell when he played for England?

He made 91 in the first innings of the first Test, and 115 in the first innings of the third; Dayle Hadlee called Bell “the best 16-year-old I’ve ever seen”, and he was often compared with former England captain Mike Atherton.

What did Ian Bell do in South Africa?

Bell truly blossomed as a cricketer in South Africa, the following winter, scoring a defining 140 in an innings victory at Kingsmead and later went on to hit a well-made 78 that aided England in saving the third Test in Cape Town. After that the fiery batsman was on a roll and had an even more impressive 2010-11 Ashes campaign.

When did Ian Bell sign his new contract?

Bell signed a new contract not long ago, had planned to play on till the end of 2021. He says his “body simply can’t keep up with the demands of the game”, although he just took fifty off Glamorgan in his penultimate innings. Warwickshire’s Ian Bell walks through a guard of honour from the Glamorgan players for his final first-class innings.

When did Ian Bell win a series in India?

A first series win in the country since 1984-85 was sealed in Nagpur, where Bell’s second-innings hundred made certain of the requisite draw. A reminder of Bell’s class came in 50-over cricket, where he made an immaculate transition to opener.