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Did Andrew Lloyd Webber write Starlight Express?

Did Andrew Lloyd Webber write Starlight Express?

Starlight Express is a 1984 British musical, with music by Andrew Lloyd Webber and lyrics by Richard Stilgoe. Later productions have used additional songs with lyrics by Don Black, David Yazbek, Nick Coler and Lauren Aquilina, and with music by Andrew Lloyd Webber’s son, Alistair.

What was the Starlight Express in Andrew Lloyd Webber’s musical?

Andrew Lloyd Webber’s Starlight Express is essentially 72 hats stacked up wearing a trenchcoat. You may be familiar with Webber’s utterly bananapants bonkers musical merely as the one where the actors are all on roller skates.

Is the Starlight Express a god?

The Starlight Express is a god-like character within the world of the trains, a legend that disillusioned young steamers such as Rusty no longer believe in. Within the framework of the “Cinderella” story, The Starlight Express is Rusty’s “Fairy Godmother” whose appearance changes his fate.

What is the theme of Starlight Express?

It’s a simple story, extravagantly told. The theme this time is trains – that sing, dance, fall in love, and race each other at breakneck speed. To help create a sense of locomotion, it’s performed on roller skates throughout.

Is Starlight Express about trains?

Starlight Express. The race is on! In 1976, inspired by a trip on the Valley Railroad in New England with his children, Andrew Lloyd Webber wrote a few songs for a proposed cartoon feature about animated trains. The cartoon was never produced but the ideas stayed alive.

When did Starlight Express close in London?

12th Jan 2002
It has been announced that Andrew Lloyd’s Webber’s Starlight Express will close on 12th Jan 2002 after a run of just under 18 years, by when it will have played 7,406 times to more than eight million people.

What year was Starlight Express?

March 27, 1984
Starlight Express/Premiere dates

Who wrote Starlight Express?

Andrew Lloyd Webber
Richard StilgoeDon BlackDavid Yazbek
Starlight Express/Lyricists

How many Tony Awards did Starlight Express win?

Starlight Express ran on Broadway for 761 performances and won a singular Tony Award for John Napier’s costume design….Remembering Starlight Express.

1 Starlight Express: Overture 2:19
20 He Whistled At Me – Reprise 2:16
21 Race: The Final 4:28
22 No Comeback 2:17
23 One Rock ‘N’ Roll Too Many 2:48

Is Starlight Express in Germany in English?

The show itself is in German, though I’ve been told they have one English language performance once a month. The show itself is a visual spectacle.

Will Starlight Express return to London?

Andrew Lloyd Webber’s musical Starlight Express will return to London for three concert-style workshop performances at The Other Palace next month. The production will reunite the original creative team along with a group of actors and musicians who are yet to be announced.

Where does the name Starlight Express come from?

According to Andrew Lloyd Webber, Starlight Express has its roots in three abandoned projects: an animated TV series based on Thomas the Tank Engine, a novelty pop single, and an animated film based on Cinderella .

Who was the choreographer for the Starlight Express?

Together, Lloyd Webber, Stilgoe and Nunn developed the story to include the idea of trains and coaches racing. The choreographer Arlene Phillips was brought on board along with the designer John Napier, who suggested staging the show on roller skates.

How many times has Starlight Express been performed?

The West End production of Starlight Express is the eighth longest-running musical in Broadway and West End history, having been performed 7,409 times between 1984 and 2002. Starlight Express is also the most successful musical in Germany, where it has been performed in a purpose-built theatre since 1988.

Who are the main characters in Starlight Express?

Rusty McCoy, the play’s protagonist. He is a steam engine from the USA who longs to enter the race and win the heart of the beautiful Pearl. Rambling Poppa McCoy/Rambling Momma McCoy, the retired champion Starlight Express Engine and father/mother of Rusty who now pulls the Freight Trucks.