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Can my neighbor legally block my view?

Can my neighbor legally block my view?

Such deliberately place obstructions are often called “spite fences.” In this case, having your view blocked by a neighbor certainly is not legal — but proving malicious intent can be exceedingly difficult.

Is blocking someone’s view illegal?

There is no legal right to a view, but it may be possible to bring a claim against the owner of the neighbouring block if you can establish that you have a type of easement known as a “right to light”, and that the proposed extension would reduce the amount of light coming into your flat below a certain threshold.

Can my Neighbour lean things against my fence?

Only if your neighbour gives you permission to do so. Leaning things against your neighbour’s fence, hanging things on your neighbour’s fence, even using your neighbour’s fence as a makeshift retaining wall, will place a much heavier burden on the fence panels and supporting posts than they were designed to bear.

How close to the property line can a fence be?

Check Rules and Regulations Typically, fences are installed anywhere from 2 to 8 inches from a property line in most areas. Some areas might allow to go right up to a property line, especially if you live in an urban row house where every inch makes a difference!

Are you legally entitled to a view?

In law there is no right to a “view”. However, a recent case Dennis v Davies shows that if you have the benefit of a restrictive covenant against neighbouring land not to cause “nuisance or annoyance” then the “annoyance” factor can be used to protect a view.

Can you sue someone for obstructing your view?

“Spite fences” – or deliberately placed obstructions are maliciously placed there by neighbors to block your view and is illegal. Note that proving their malicious intent can be extremely difficult. A nuisance may be either a negligent or intentional. Individuals can not sue for public nuisance.

Can I legally paint my side of Neighbours fence?

If your neighbour owns the wall or fence You can’t make changes to your side without their permission, such as painting it. If the wall or fence seems dangerous, point this out because your neighbour might not be aware.

How do you tell if a fence is yours or neighbors?

Title plans are one of the best ways to see which fence belongs to your property. Title plans may feature a ‘T’ mark showing many of your property’s boundaries, and who is responsible for maintaining them. A T mark on one side of the boundary indicates that the person on that side is responsible for the fence.

Who is responsible for a fence between neighbors?

The law places responsibility on both parties because both benefit from the fence. Consequently, when a fence needs repair, both property owners must share the cost. If one party refuses to cooperate, the other party can do any of the following: Write a letter to the neighbor explaining the problem with the fence.

What is the 45 degree rule?

The 45-degree rule is a common guideline used by local planning authorities to determine the impact from a housing development proposal on sunlight and daylight to the neighbouring properties. If you’re thinking of a home extension or a change to your home, and need some advice, get in touch!

How long before a boundary becomes legal?

In simple terms, the law means that if a neighbour of yours moves their fence by a few metres one year, and you do not complain or even mention it for a certain period of time, they could then legally claim to be the owners and occupiers of the land.

Can a fence block my view of the road?

Any fencing erected to fence the front of the property must be low, about 1meter and see through, thus giving you vision when reversing out of your drive. In the case of corner blocks, ours have about a 25ft splay on the corner which can only have low fencing, if any, so not to block vision of traffic approaching the corner.

Is it illegal to block view of road?

In many places in the US it is illegal to place something that obstructs view of oncoming traffic within 5′ of the road. You might want to start by talking to your neighbor politely & inform them that you can’t see the road because of the fence & you are concerned it could cause a serious accident.

Why does my neighbor block my view of the road?

If the fence is far enough away from your driveway that you can see oncoming traffic when you stop to check for traffic before entering the roadway, well, your neighbor has probably won this battle in your little pissing contest. You may need to go to zoning in your city.

Why is there a fence on my property in AZ?

It could be a tree that hangs over a neighbor’s yard, or a fence built long-ago that isn’t on the actual boundary line. Such property-related issues can turn normally friendly neighbors into bitter enemies. Before your property issue turns into war, consult Arizona property line and fence law for a solution.