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Can a 16 year old pick up a package from USPS?

Can a 16 year old pick up a package from USPS?

This can be a complicated task if you are under 18 years of age and the package is not addressed to you. If the package is addressed to you, you can pick it up by taking your passport, driver’s license or other identification to the post office.

Can my son pick up my package at post office?

An addressee agent is usually a friend of the family who’s authorized to pick up a package. On a Redelivery, the addressee (or an authorized agent) must be present to sign for an Accountable Mailpiece (For example, an item with Signature Confirmation).

Do you have to be 21 to pick up a package?

Adult Signature Required is a service that ensures that the recipient of the mail items is at least 21 years of age or above. The recipient or a resident of the recipient’s address is required to show a form of photo identification to the delivery employee for age confirmation.

Do you need an ID when signing for a package?

Prior to signing for the mailpiece, the recipient must show government-issued photo identification that includes his or her date of birth.

Can you pick up packages from USPS without ID?

You must present valid photo ID if you choose to pick up your mail item at the Post Office™ facility indicated on the notice. You also need to bring in the PS Form 3849 left by the Carrier.

Can someone pick up my package for me?

If you need someone else to collect your package on your behalf, they’ll need to bring a valid government-issued photo ID. Additionally s/he needs to present proof of connection to the address on the UPS label or to the named person (named person’s valid ID or photocopy).

Can my husband pickup my package at post office?

If picking up mail for someone else, the customer needs written authorization (and their own photo ID). If a person has the same last name and address of another person that mail is addressed to, they cannot pick up Accountable mail on the other person’s behalf unless a standing order is in place.

Do you need ID to pick up a package?

You must present valid photo ID if you choose to pick up your mail item at the Post Office™ facility indicated on the notice. You also need to bring in the PS Form 3849 left by the Carrier. Find out what forms of identification are acceptable at the Post office.

Does UPS scan your ID?

UPS Stores Now Require IDs From Customers Who Want To Ship Anything. Starting today, shipping giant UPS is requiring customers who ship packages from one of its retail outlets to present a government-issued photo ID. UPS says if it can’t verify a would-be customer’s identity, it won’t ship that person’s packages.

Does it matter who signs for a package?

Someone at the recipient’s address must sign for the delivery. Direct signature deliveries are made to the address on the mailing label, not to an individual recipient. If no one is at the address, FedEx may reattempt the delivery.

Can someone else pick up a package for me at UPS?

Do I need ID to pick up UPS package?

You’ll need one of the following forms of identification to pick up your package at a UPS Access Point location: Option 1: Present a government-issued photo ID, such as a Federal Electoral Institute (IFE), passport, professional or military ID. The full name on the ID must match the full name on the package label.

When do I have to pick up my items at the post office?

You’re free to pick up your item whenever you’re ready within an 18 day timeframe. After that, your item will be sent back to the retailer. Make sure you bring along the barcode reference number you will have received, a piece of ID and a proof of address (originals, not photocopies).

How old do you have to be to get a PO Box at the post office?

You must be 18 years or older to apply for a PO Box online. Your ID will be verified at the Post Office. If you are under 18 years of age and want a PO Box, see the local Post Office for the guidelines. For more information and additional FAQs about PO Boxes Online, go to

What kind of iD do you need to pick up a PO Box?

In order to pick up your PO Box keys (or combination number) and box number (reserved and paid for on­line), you must present two items of valid ID to the Post Office; one item must contain a photograph. Social Security cards, credit cards, and birth certifi cates are unacceptable as ID. The following are acceptable forms of identification:

Can you pick up first class mail at the post office?

For First Class letters, Certified Mail is often used with a Return Receipt where delivery can be restricted to one person. Regular packages and letters can be given out at the post office to anyone who resides at the address when they show valid ID with the same physical address.