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Are rice stuffed grape leaves healthy?

Are rice stuffed grape leaves healthy?

Dolmades They are typically stuffed with rice, herbs and occasionally meat. The stuffing can vary, altering their fat and calorie contents. However, grape leaves are both low in calories and high in fiber. They also have high amounts of vitamin A and vitamin K (19).

What culture is stuffed grape leaves?

The stuffed vine leaves of Greece, also called dolmathes, are filled largely with minced lamb, a bit of rice and touches of such other ingredients as crushed mint, fennel or parsley leaves, dill, garlic, pine nuts or currants and are served either hot with a chicken broth and lemon-based sauce called avgolemono or cold …

What is the difference between dolmas and dolmades?

Turkish dolmas, known as yaprak sarmasi, usually contains a bit of tomato paste and pine nuts whereas the Greek version known as dolmades contains more herbs such as green onions and dill. It’s important to note that in both cuisines stuffed grape leaved should be rolled into cigars.

What’s dolma made of?

In this recipe, grape leaves are stuffed with a tasty meat and rice mixture, seasoned with warm spices (allspice and cumin) and loaded with fresh herbs in the form of parsley, dill and mint. Then, once stuffed, the grape leaves are cooked in a tasty lemony broth.

Are stuffed grape leaves high in sodium?

Calories 160 – Total Fat 8g (11% DV) – Saturated Fat 1.5g (7% DV) – Trans Fat 0g – Cholesterol 0mg (0% DV) – Sodium 730mg (32% DV) – Total Carbohydrates 20g (7% DV) – Fiber 5g (18% DV) – Total Sugars 2g – Includes 0g Added Sugars (0% DV) – Protein 2g – Vitamin D 0mcg (0% DV) – Calcium 80mg (6% DV) – Iron 2.5mg (15% DV) …

How many stuffed grape leaves in a serving?

Dolmathes – Freshdirect

Nutrition Facts
For a Serving Size of 5 stuffed leaves (134g)
How many calories are in Stuffed Grape Leaves? Amount of calories in Stuffed Grape Leaves: Calories 210 Calories from Fat 126 (60%)
% Daily Value *

What type of grape leaves are edible?

The Sultana grape, also known as the Thompson seedless, is best grape variety with edible leaves used in making dolmades.

What is the purpose of grape leaves?

Original grape leaf uses were as wrappers for a variety of mixed fillings. Today, they have expanded and can be found in sauces, rice and grain dishes, steamed fish, and more. The leaves, when picked fairly young, are tender and tangy when blanched and brined – and commonly used for making grape-leaf pickles.

What do Turks call dolma?

yalancı dolma
Stuffed vine leaves without meat are sometimes called yalancı dolma, which means “liar’s dolma” in Turkish.

Do you eat dolmades hot or cold?

Dolmas or dolmades are very versatile; they can be eaten cold or warm. Traditionally dolmas containing meat are eaten warm with a yogurt sauce that is lightly flavored with garlic. Rice filled dolmas are served cold with a drizzling of lemon juice and olive oil.

Are grape leaves poisonous?

Types. Grape vines and other parts of the grape vine such as leaves and roots are not poisonous to humans. All parts of that plant are poisonous and ingesting the plant can lead to seizures and convulsions.

Which country invented Dolma?


Dolma making and sharing tradition, a marker of cultural identity
UNESCO Intangible Cultural Heritage
Country Azerbaijan
Reference 1188
Region Europe and North America