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Are any of David Beckhams sons footballers?

Are any of David Beckhams sons footballers?

2019. D avid Beckham’s son Romeo has secured his first professional football contract. The famous offspring has signed his name to US team Fort Lauderdale who are a reserve team for Mr Beckham’s Inter Miami club.

What are Victoria Beckhams kids?

Brooklyn Beckham
Harper Seven BeckhamRomeo James BeckhamCruz Beckham
Victoria Beckham/Children
Victoria and David Beckham have four children: son Brooklyn Joseph (born 4 March 1999), son Romeo James (born 1 September 2002), son Cruz David (born 20 February 2005), and daughter Harper Seven (born 10 July 2011).

What do David Beckhams sons do?

Romeo James BeckhamCruz Beckham
David Beckham/Sons

Does Romeo Beckham have a tattoo?

In September 2018 Brooklyn unveiled the new additions to his huge angel chest tattoo. The star stunned fans with his body ink, which was eerily similar to dad David’s Jesus and three cherubs design.

Did Victoria Beckham carry her own children?

Victoria gave birth to her 2nd baby, another boy, named Romeo.

Is Brooklyn Beckham a football player?

Beckham’s oldest son, Brooklyn, decided to turn his back on football in 2015 after being released by Arsenal. Brooklyn – who was 16 at the time – played for Arsenal’s youth academy alongside his two older brothers.

Who is Romeo Beckham’s GF?

Romeo Beckham’s girlfriend Mia Regan certainly knows how to stay in her boyfriend’s mum Victoria’s good books. The fashion designer, 47, has become known for posing with one her leg sticking up in the air – and it has turned into an iconic move.

How many children does David and Victoria Beckham have?

DAVID and Victoria Beckham are parents to four children – one daughter and three sons. The celebrity couple share Brooklyn, Romeo, Cruz and Harper. Here’s everything you need to know about their famous offspring.

How old is the oldest son of Victoria Beckham?

The oldest son of David and Victoria reportedly had a fling with Rita Ora when she was 26 and he 18-years-old. Who is Romeo Beckham? Romeo, 16, was born in 2005 and is the second born child of Victoria and David Beckham.

How old was Brooklyn Beckham when he was born?

Brooklyn Beckham is the eldest of David and Victoria’s four children. Born on March 4 1999, he was just four months old when his parent’s wed in a lavish star-studded ceremony later that year.

What’s the name of the second youngest Beckham child?

Cruz Beckham released a Christmas single in 2016Credit: Instagram. Cruz, 14, was born February 20, 2005 and is the second youngest of the Beckham brood. His name means “cross” in Spanish and was chosen since he was born in Madrid.