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Why does Napoleon want to build the windmill?

Why does Napoleon want to build the windmill?

Why did Napoleon in fact change his mind and decide to have the animals build the windmill? Napoleon wanted to keep the animals busy so he gave them the responsibility of building a windmill. Napoleon blamed Snowball because he thought that Snowball was jealous of him and could be taken advantage of.

How is the windmill destroyed and why does Napoleon insist it is rebuilt immediately who does Napoleon blame?

The windmill is destroyed by violent winds that knock it down. Napoleon blames Snowball because this causes the animals to want to rebuild it so that they can prove Snowball wrong.

What was the main reason for the rebuilding of the windmill?

What was one of the strongest motivations for completing the rebuilding of the windmill? They didn´t want the outside world (the humans) to rejoice if the mill were not finished on time.

How does Napoleon convince the animals to rebuild the windmill?

Napoleon passes a death sentence on Snowball, offering a bushel of apples to the traitor’s killer. He then gives a passionate speech in which he convinces the animals that they must rebuild the windmill, despite the backbreaking toil involved. “Long live the windmill!” he cries.

What is Snowball’s role now?

Unlock He spoke of the need for all animals to be willing to die for Animal Farm. At this point, Snowball appears an appropriate fulltime leader for the animals. Snowball is the main leader of the animals’ military defense in the Battle of the Cowshed. This happens in Chapter 4.

What does Napoleon claim at the end of chapter 5?

What does Napoleon claim at the end of Chapter Five? That Snowball stole Napoleon’s plans for the windmill.

Who does Napoleon finally sell the timber to?

After the completion of the new windmill in August, Napoleon sells the pile of timber to Frederick, who tries to pay with a check. Napoleon, however, demands cash, which he receives.

Who destroyed the windmill the second time?

The toppling of the windmill the second time comes at the hands of Mr. Frederick and his men. Previously, Animal Farm neighbors Frederick and Pilkington were vying for the right to buy a stack of lumber from the pigs.

What happens to the windmill after it is rebuilt?

After the first windmill is destroyed, which Napoleon blames on Snowball’s sabotage, the animals begin reconstruction and make the walls much thicker. After the second windmill is fully built, Frederick attacks Animal Farm and takes down the structure with blasting powder.