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Why does Abigail go to court?

Why does Abigail go to court?

Abigail leads the girls in court in their witchcraft accusations. One night, stuck by a pin, Abigail accuses Elizabeth Proctor of creating a poppet (a sort of voodoo doll) and sticking it with a pin to harm her.

What happened to Abigail in court regarding the poppet?

Cheever says that Abigail was stabbed with a needle while eating at Parris’ house, and Abigail accused Elizabeth’s spirit of stabbing her. Mary Warren tells Hale that she made the doll in court that day and stored the needle inside the doll.

What consequences did Abigail face in The Crucible?

One disasterous consequence is that because Elizabeth kicked Abby out of the house for the affair, Abby grows a violent hatred for her that eventually leads to her accusing Elizabeth of being a witch. We see Abby’s hatred in act one.

What bad things did Abigail do in The Crucible?

Of the major characters, Abigail is the least complex. She is clearly the villain of the play, more so than Parris or Danforth: she tells lies, manipulates her friends and the entire town, and eventually sends nineteen innocent people to their deaths.

How does Abigail get power?

Declaring witchcraft provides her with instant status and recognition within Salem, which translates into power. Abigail uses her authority to create an atmosphere of fear and intimidation.

How does Abigail abuse her power?

Because Abigail wants John Proctor for herself, she gets Tituba to make her a potion to kill Goody Proctor. Once Abigail has gained power as an “afflicted child”, she seizes the chance to accuse Elizabeth Proctor of witchcraft and get her out of the picture that way (Act 2).

Why does Elizabeth want John to go see Abigail?

Elizabeth originally wants John to go to Salem so he can tell the court that he knows the girls are lying. Then, when she finds out she was accused in court, she wants him to go to Salem to speak directly with Abigail. Elizabeth makes these requests with an eye towards correcting injustice and saving her own life.

Why did Mary Warren give the poppet to Elizabeth?

The poppet that Mary Warren innocently gives to Elizabeth foreshadows Elizabeth’s arrest in Scene 4. When Mary Warren tells them the court accused Elizabeth, Abigail’s plan becomes clear. Time is now the most important element in the play. With each arrest for witchcraft, Abigail gains credibility.

Why does Betty start screaming in the crucible?

Why does Betty start screaming? She starts screaming because she hears a church song and can’t bear to hear the Lord’s name. Putnam names names first because she believes the witch behind it all is the midwife that has delivered all her children.

Why does Abigail hate Elizabeth Proctor?

She insists that Elizabeth Proctor “hates [her]” because Abigail “would not be her slave.” She calls Elizabeth a “lying, cold, sniveling woman” who she cannot abide working for.

Why is Abigail jealous of Elizabeth?

Abigail is motivated by jealousy of Elizabeth Proctor; she wants Elizabeth to die so she can marry John, Elizabeth’s husband. Thomas Putnam is motivated by jealousy of other people’s property; he wants George Jacobs to die so he can get his hands on a great piece of land.

Why is Abigail the most powerful?

Abigail Williams has the most power in The Crucible. Just one word from Abigail is enough to send an innocent person to their death if they are convicted as a witch. Abigail relishes her newfound power because as a young woman in a patriarchal, Puritan society, she’s never had any power before.

Why was Abigail given power in the Crucible?

In this play, a girl named Abigail is given the power to prosecute anyone she desired for practicing witchcraft. This goes to show that power can be dangerous when it is placed in the wrong hands.

What was the impact of power in the Crucible?

This goes to show that power can be dangerous when it is placed in the wrong hands. The Crucible is about the Salem, Massachusetts, Witch Trials of 1692, in which people were accused of witchcraft and were only given two options: confess to a sin they never did, or get hanged as punishment.

How is Abigail Williams an example of power?

Abigail is an example of power going to someone’s head. She was given power through lies and used it to harm others and ruin people’s lives and names. Power in the wrong hands is dangerous and can lead to the destruction of lives. This can happen in the real world, and Abigail is evidence of that.