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When was Hays tour operating established?

When was Hays tour operating established?

As an independent agent, Hays Travel uses other tour operators in the United Kingdom to provide package holidays to customers….Hays Travel.

Trade name Hays Travel
Industry Hospitality, tourism
Predecessor Thomas Cook Group (555 Stores)
Founded 1980
Founder John Hays

How old was John Hays founder of Hays Travel?

John Hays, who started the company in 1980 out of the back of his mother’s childrenswear shop in County Durham, collapsed on Friday while working at its head office in Sunderland. The 71-year-old died “while doing the job he loved”, the company said.

Has Mr Hays of Hays Travel died?

John Hays died in November after collapsing at his Hays Travel’s Sunderland head office. Dame Irene said messages of support had given her a “determination” to carry her husband’s “wonderful legacy on into the future”. Hays Travel bought 555 Thomas Cook shops in 2019 when that company failed.

What did John Hays died from?

November 13, 2020
John Hays/Date of death

Is Hays Travel going bust?

Hays Travel is to close 89 shops overall as part of a “planned consolidation of its UK retail estate”. It is offering options for alternative work to 388 staff affected. The company had deferred reviewing the performance of the former Thomas Cook shops it acquired in October 2019 to see if business returned in 2021.

Who is the CEO of Hays Travel?

John Hays (1980–)
Hays Travel/CEO

Why is Irene Hays a dame?

She received a damehood in the New Year Honours List for services to training, to education and to young people, which she dedicated to Hays Travel’s apprentices having championed apprenticeships since the 1980s in senior roles in local and national government prior to joining the travel industry.

Are Hays Travel in trouble?

More than 350 jobs are at risk at Hays Travel as part of a planned consolidation of its UK retail estate. The travel agents, based in Sunderland, said 89 shops are to close across the UK, after the latest lockdown forced the firm to accelerate a review its retail estate.

Do Hays Travel price match?

✅ 99% of the time I can match and sometimes beat! This does not apply to the ‘last minute’ holiday companies who sometimes sell ‘cheap seats’ and who do not offer live pricing.

Who did Hays Travel take over?

Thomas Cook retail
2019 saw Hays Travel take a strong lead in the industry and acquired the Thomas Cook retail estate; providing re-employment opportunities to former staff who were made redundant following the collapse of the travel giant.

Are Hays Travel going bust?

The travel business that provided a lifeline for Thomas Cook staff after the giant holiday firm went bust has said it will close 89 branches – the equivalent of one in six of its high street travel agencies. Hays Travel has not renewed the leases, as part of “a planned consolidation of its UK retail estate”.

Are Hays Travel still in business?

Hays Travel currently operates 535 shops and employs 7,700 people. Last September the company launched a consultation on 878 redundancies in its Foreign Exchange and Travel Academy. Following the consultation 261 permanent and temporary jobs were saved.