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What year did it snow on Halloween in NJ?

What year did it snow on Halloween in NJ?

2011 Halloween nor’easter

Category 1 “Notable” (RSI/NOAA: 1.97)
Satellite image of the storm on October 29, 2011
Type Extratropical cyclone Nor’easter Blizzard Winter storm
Formed October 28, 2011
Dissipated November 1, 2011 (Exited to sea)

Does it snow in New Jersey in October?

The tables below give monthly averages for rainfall plus snowfall during October at cities, towns and parks in New Jersey. Each place has a total for the amount of precipitation it usually receives this month….North Jersey.

Days 9
Place Hightstown
Inches 3.7
Millimetres 93

Has it ever snowed on Halloween in NJ?

But when a nor’easter struck the Lehigh Valley on Oct. 29, 2011, it made things interesting for trick-or-treaters a couple of days later. Hundreds of thousands lost power in Pennsylvania and New Jersey, schools were closed Oct. 31 and 8 to 10 inches of snow fell in parts of the region.

Does October ever snow?

October is typically the least snowiest month between fall and summer. The only months that see less snow than October are June, July, August and September. Cold arctic air has been a major factor in the unusual snowfall this year as it has met up with warmer Pacific moisture.

How many times has it snowed in October in CT?

The state has only seen snow five times during the month of October since 1905. The higher elevations of northern Connecticut could see two to four inches of snow when it comes to an end.

What year did it snow on Halloween in Philadelphia?

Calling the Oct. 29, 2011, storm “Snowtober,” the Weather Channel sent Jim Cantore to Harrisburg. Harrisburg didn’t get the worst of it: Towns near the Maryland-Pennsylvania border saw 10 inches of snow.

What is the coldest month in New Jersey?

Throughout most of New Jersey, on average the coldest months of the year are January and February, during which time the high temperatures will usually be somewhere in the upper 30’s to lower 40’s, and the lows will drop to the upper teens and lower 20’s.

How hot is Jersey in October?

Whether you are looking for a summer holiday destination, weekend gateaway or honeymoon spot, Jersey won’t disappoint. In October, the average temperature is 13°C (55F). The highest temperature for the month is 14°C (57F) while the lowest temperature is 11°C (52F). The average sea temperature for October is 15°C (59F).

Does it rain on Halloween?

We can also look to climatology to help predict Halloween weather. For Oct. 31, the average high temperature is 64, with an average low of 46. 25 inches of rain on Halloween 2019, just .

What is the warmest Halloween?

The warmest Halloween on record was 83 degrees in 1950, with one of the coldest one year later with a high of 30 in 1951. The coldest Halloween maximum temperature was a bone-chilling 26 degrees back in 1873.

Where does it snow in October?

Where October Snow Is Typical

  • Marquette, Michigan: 6.4 inches.
  • Great Falls, Montana: 4.4 inches.
  • Denver, Colorado: 4.4 inches.
  • Duluth, Minnesota: 2.1 inches.
  • Flagstaff, Arizona: 2 inches.
  • Rapid City, South Dakota: 1.9 inches.
  • Caribou, Maine: 1.6 inches.
  • Salt Lake City, Utah: 1.3 inches.

What states get snow in October?

Locations in western Nebraska, South Dakota, and Minnesota have at least 6 inches of snow on the ground. It is typical for the upper Midwest, Northern Plains, and Rocky Mountains to see snow in October.