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What happened at Finsterwalds house?

What happened at Finsterwalds house?

Describe what happened at Finsterwald’s house. A group of high school kids dumped Arnold Jones into Finsterwald’s back yard and ran off. Then the high school kids saw Maniac go into the yard.

Who goes to Finsterwald’s house and knocks on the front door?

Maniac Magee is the only kid who isn’t afraid of Finsterwald. In fact, he even knocks on Finsterwald’s front door and walks away smiling, though nobody knows what transpires between Maniac and Finsterwald.

Who did maniac live with in Maniac Magee?

He’s sent to live with his Aunt Dot and Uncle Dan, and, despite Dot’s sporty name, it’s not a fun household. Uncle Dan and Aunt Dot are strict Catholics who hate each other, meaning Maniac grows up in a loveless, largely silent house. When he’s 11-years-old, he’s finally had enough, and takes off running.

What does maniac do on Finsterwald’s back porch?

Unlock All the kids fear him and his house. A group of bully high school kids toss poor Arnold over Finsterwald’s fence at one point in the chapter. They want to see Arnold freak out, and he does. Maniac, cool as ever, hops the fence and picks up the passed out Arnold.

Who was the first person to talk to maniac after he ran away?


Term How did Jeffrey Magee become an orphan? Definition His parents were killed in a train crash.
Term How many miles is there between Two Mills called? Definition 200
Term Who was the first person to talk to Jeffrey? Definition Amanda Beale
Term Why did Jeffrey stand out in East End? Definition He was white.

Who is missing tooth Screecher?

Missing Tooth is Russell and Screecher is Piper, and they’re brothers.

Why did maniac go to Finsterwald and knock on the front door?

If they attend school for another week, Maniac has to spend 10 minutes in Finsterwald’s backyard. He decides to add to the deal in exchange for another week of school attendance—he’ll knock on Finsterwald’s front door. The kids are so terrified that a few of them get the “finsterwallies” on the spot.

What did maniac borrow?

Maniac is able to find a small amount of normalcy with Amanda. Even though she is black and he is white, that means nothing to him. He cares about Amanda, and the friendship is formed by her lending him a book.

What makes Maniac Magee a legend?

He can see the similarities of families that are happy on both the East and West side. He has also seen some of the ugly side of hatred on both the East and West sides of the city. He became a legend because he changed a city, was a hero to small children and made friends with most people.