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How do you enter the well cyberpunk?

How do you enter the well cyberpunk?

During the Belly of the Beast job, after you’ve defeated Adam Smasher, you’ll enter Mikoshi where Alt and Johnny talk to V. When you get to choose a dialogue option, select “Wanna live out whatever life I got left“, approach the well, and then choose [Enter well and return to body].

Do I cross the bridge or enter the well?

Crossing the bridge leads to the “Path of Glory” epilogue, where you’ll earn The Sun trophy/achievement. Entering the well leads to the “New Dawn Fades” epilogue while earning the Temperance achievement/trophy.

What happens if you enter the well cyberpunk?

If you enter the well, Johnny stays in cyberspace and V becomes a legend in Night City. If you cross the bridge, Johnny inherits V’s body and leaves Night City behind.

Does V die in every ending?

Why is it the best ending in Cyberpunk 2077? This is how it is: No matter what you decide in the final Quest, V is gone or suffers. All ends are kept open here, but suggest the death of the character. Only in the described end does Panam mention friends who might be able to help you.

Should I trust Hanako cyberpunk?

This branch will always be available since it’s the default path you can take in Cyberpunk 2077. Then, on the rooftop, say that “trusting Hanako is risky but worth it.” If you choose to go with Hanako Arasaka’s plan, Johnny won’t be too happy with it. Anyway, Anders Hellman will arrive to pick you up.

How do I get Johnny to 70%?

How to Get Your Relationship With Johnny to 70%

  1. Automatic Love.
  2. Transmission.
  3. Life During Wartime.
  4. Search and Destroy.
  5. Chippin’ In.
  6. Blistering Love.
  7. Holdin’ On.
  8. Like a Supreme.

Can v survive Cyberpunk 2077?

[Warning: Spoilers for Cyberpunk 2077 below] The inescapable bummer is that regardless of which ending players get, V will die. Players can only alter whether V dies alone or with friends, whether or not they part on good terms with Johnny, and which of V’s allies also die in the game’s final mission.

Does V die in space?

This ending involves V assaulting Arasaka Tower, killing Adam Smasher, and siding with Araska (or at least temporarily working with them). After that, V ends up at a space station where Arasaka will attempt to safely extract Johnny Silverhand from their consciousness and save their life.

What happens to V in Cyberpunk 2077?

After connecting to Mikoshi, Johnny and V are separated, and the game plays out as it does in the Panam ending. V’s body has been altered, and it won’t accept their mind anymore.

Should I call Panam or Hanako?

For instance, if you select “Gonna ask Panam for help,” you’re presented with “Call Panam” or “Call Hanako.” Choose Panam to proceed with the ending branch where she helps you out since calling Hanako leads to the default ending path.

What is secret ending Cyberpunk 2077?

To unlock the secret Cyberpunk 2077 ending, you have to follow Johnny’s wishes throughout the entire of the game. It’s easier said than done, but basically, if Johnny says jump, you say, “How high?”. You’ll need at least a 70% relationship with Johnny if you want to reach the secret ending.

Can you romance Johnny Silverhand?

You can only enter into one relationship at a time – though, you’ll only have one or two options available to your V depending on your body type. No, you cannot romance Johnny Silverhand.